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Six Nonprofits Selected for Competitive Fair Chance Partnership
The Leaders of Fair Chance's Newest Nonprofit Partners (L-R): Anna Bernanke, Jeffery Tribble Jr., Stacie Reimer,  Julius Green, Joyce Madyun,  and Brandon Johns.
We are proud to announce that six new nonprofits have been selected to receive a Fair Chance partnership. The organizations selected provide a range of serves such as legal support, job readiness training, and mentoring to help youth achieve educational benchmarks. 
Each year, Fair Chance selects a cohort of promising nonprofits working with children and youth in poverty across Washington, DC. These rigorously vetted organizations receive over 350 hours of one-on-one support in organizational management, at no cost. Results show that within five years of receiving a Fair Chance partnership, nonprofits report median increases of 50% in both the numbers of children and youth they serve and the amount of revenue they raise to support their operations.
The nonprofits selected for Fair Chance's Class of 2017 include:
Amara Legal Center
Stacie Reimer, Executive Director
The Amara Legal Center provides free legal services to survivors of sex trafficking and individuals harmed through involvement in commercial sex in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. 
Chance Academy
Anna Bernanke, Executive Director 
Chance Academy is an education tutoring program and cooperative for homeschooled children that helps parents manage their child’s education by offering arts-integrated, experiential, and site-based learning in age-appropriate small groups.

Empowerment Enterprise II
Julius Green, Executive Director
Empowerment Enterprise II seeks to reduce inter-generational poverty and unemployment by equipping  youth with alternatives to negative influences through life-skills coaching, musical enrichment, paid internships and job readiness training.

Brandon Johns, Executive Director
Making A New United People (M.A.N.U.P.) 
is a community created organization that mentors and supports underserved youth, to achieve educational and life success and end the school-to-prison pipeline. Our programs provide young people with at least one caring adult or system of support.

The MusicianShip
Jeffery Tribble Jr., Executive Director
The MusicianShip provides free music lessons and exposure to the music and media industries to at-risk youth. Their goal is to create well-rounded musicians and shift their life trajectories to pursue educational pathways and become better public citizens.

YOUR Community Center
Joyce Madyun, Executive Director
YOUR Community Center provides structured programming for youth to promote their academic, cultural, social, and emotional development. YOUR Community Center is ‘open when school is closed’.

Together, these organizations reach
nearly 1,000 children and youth across the city.
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