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The Commercial Real Estate market is among the most viable sector of buildings to take advantage of PACE financing. This webinar will discuss some of the best ways to pitch PACE to property owners and those involved with making final decisions related to energy upgrades. Topics will cover: the best talking points for capturing the interest of CRE decision makers; understanding the financial impact of various lease structures; the cost of PACE debt vs. traditional debt and equity; and more. Click to register...  Speakers include:

  • George Caraghiaur, Senior Fellow, PACENation
  • L. Jean Dunn, Founder and CEO, Structured Finance Associates
  • Abby Johnson, President, Abacus Property Solutions & Atlantic PACE
CleanFund and Renew Financial finance a $10mm renewable energy improvement, which will deliver more than $1 million in annual operating cost savings to Pacific Ethanol. The high performance solar energy system, to be designed and installed by Borrego Solar Systems under California’s Net Metering 2.0 rule, allow offset of greater energy usage than previously available. Read more... 
Independent project originators and developers can play a role in the PACE marketplace by bringing projects to PACE programs. Beau Engman is recognized as a leader in the drive for sustainability in the built environment, and talks about developing successful PACE projects for multiple programs. Click to watch...
Elected officials from both sides of the aisle at every level of government have voiced strong support of PACE legislation and local PACE programs. Here are just a few of the representatives that have supported PACE in their states. Click to read more...
In Q2 2016, C-PACE programs provided financing for 40 commercial projects that amounted to $25 million in total funding. Download the Q2 C-PACE Market Update to learn more.
  • R-PACE financing (2009-2016) : $2.237 billion and over 100,000 home upgrades (Learn more).
  • C-PACE financing (2009-2016): $292 million and 795 projects (Learn more).

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PACENation is a project of the New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity. PACENation provides guidance, support, tools and resources to help scale the growing PACE marketplace. Members of PACENation may have different individual goals, but they share a desire to create energy and resource-efficient communities. Become a member today.

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