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Contractors and other energy service professionals are the leading marketing force for PACE. They are the face behind the pitch, and contact for most property owners. This webinar will cover increasing the effectiveness of your PACE salesforce by holding successful trainings for contractors about PACE. Panelists will speak about criteria for selecting contractors that have the potential to be good PACE salespeople, tactics for getting the right audience in the room, and best practices for Commercial and Residential PACE contractor trainings. Click to register. Speakers include:

  • Alysse Buzelli: CT Green Bank
  • Cory Connolly: Lean and Green Michigan
  • Bill Davis: Renew Financial
Registration for the 2017 PACENation Summit is open! Click here to register, find out about sponsorship opportunities, check out the agenda, watch videos from last year, and more...
PACENation needs your support to expand the availability of PACE financing. Your organization can now join PACENation at new membership levels to receive distinct advantages, including appointment to the PACENation Leadership Council. Join now...

Maryland's first PACE project included replacement of room HVAC systems, the addition of a wireless digital control system, interior and exterior LED lighting and building envelope improvements. This achieved a 29% energy cost savings, eliminated over $600,000 in facility deficiencies and improved property value by $800,000. Read more...

The Texas PACE Authority, a nonprofit C-PACE administrator, streamlines the implementation of clean energy projects in Texas using the “PACE in a Box” model. Charlene Heydinger, President of the Texas PACE Authority and Executive Director of Keeping PACE in Texas, speaks about the process of launching a PACE program, from the earliest stages of legislation right through to standardizing project completion documentation.  Click to watch...
In Q2 2016, C-PACE programs provided financing for 40 commercial projects that amounted to $25 million in total funding. Download the Q2 C-PACE Market Update to learn more.
  • R-PACE financing (2009-2016) : $2.9 billion and over 130,000 home upgrades (Learn more).
  • C-PACE financing (2009-2016): $304 million and 820 projects (Learn more).

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PACENation is a project of the New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity. PACENation provides guidance, support, tools and resources to help scale the growing PACE marketplace. Members of PACENation may have different individual goals, but they share a desire to create energy and resource-efficient communities. Join PACENation.

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