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Dr. Marguerite Chevalier:
Being a doctor is the best job

For Dr. Marguerite Chevalier, having an impact on her patients’ lives makes it all worthwhile.

The Windsor family physician says it might be a cliché, but she went into medicine to make a difference and every day she feels like she is doing just that.

“The best part of my job is knowing at the end of the day I’ve made a difference in families’ lives,” she says. “I advocate for my patients. I take that very seriously.”

In addition to running a busy practice, Dr. Chevalier is also Chief of Family Medicine and Lead Hospitalist at Windsor Regional Hospital. She enjoys seeing that other side of how the health-care system operates and being able to have a wider impact.

“As a community member I want to see how our hospital is run,” she says. “When my family members, my friends or my patients are admitted to the hospital, I want to know they will receive good quality care.”

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The impact of smoking & tobacco

It's National Non-Smoking Week and Ontario's Doctors urge anyone interested in quitting to reach out to their physician for assistance. Ontario’s Doctors have long been advocates against tobacco. We have called for government initiatives to protect smokers and non-smokers alike, and have played an important role in helping our patients to quit.

The impact of smoking & tobacco is devastating.

  • Approximately 13,000 people die in Ontario because of tobacco use every year.
  • Tobacco use is a risk factor for a number of acute and chronic diseases, including lung disease, heart disease and lung cancer.
  • Tobacco use accounts for 85 per cent of lung cancers.
  • Tobacco-related diseases account for 500,000 hospital stays a year.
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Ontario's Doctors push back
against government

The last few years have seen the government repeatedly introducing legislation without meaningful consultations with Ontario’s doctors – trying to make changes without the expertise and knowledge of Ontario’s 29,000 physicians.

Bill 41 is just one example of this. This deeply flawed piece of legislation, which makes fundamental changes to primary care in Ontario, passed last month.

Ontario’s doctors joined other health-care experts on TVO’s The Agenda earlier this month to share their thoughts on the bill that allows politicians and bureaucrats to prioritize their decisions about the health-care system over the care needs of patients.

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