Keeping Families Connected:
What to Expect on Move-In Day

From Logistics to Emotions, know what's in store before you arrive

Friday September 2nd, 2016

9 AM - 2 PM: Check-In and Move-In
Insider Tip: Arriving later in the day provides shorter lines & waiting.
10:30 AM: Parent Orientation Session*
12:30 PM: Parent Orientation Session*

*Both sessions will have the same content so you can
choose which session best fits your schedule that day.*

3 PM: Student (Only) Orientation Begins

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Ware Student Center
What Move-In Day Will Look Like
When you approach our beautiful college on the hill on the morning of September 2nd take direction from the many smiling faces on where to park.  Before you head to the residence halls to get settled your student will need to go to Wheeler Hall located in the Ware Student Center to Check-In. There will be many enthusiastic Orientation Leaders around campus to point you in the right direction!
Once you arrive at Wheeler Hall your student will head to the check-in table.  There may be a line.  Last year, the longest wait time was 15 minutes from the time the student started until they made it through all the stations. We have the same expectations this year. During the check-in process Colby-Sawyer staff will confirm all of the required items on the Getting Started Guide have been completed, your student will receive his or her room key and Colby-Sawyer Smartcard ID (if they haven’t done this during a previous visit).

While your student is checking-in with our helpful staff, there will be an area in Wheeler Hall for Parents and Families to relax, grab a cup of coffee and gather information about area businesses, such as pharmacies and banks, and other helpful resources.  

Once your student has completed his or her check-in you can meet back up and head to the residence hall to meet the Residential Education Staff and help your student get settled in his or her new home away from home! Upon arrival to your student's residence hall, you will be greeted by the Resident Assistant and Orientation Leader staff. Once your vehicle is temporarily parked, the staff will help you to unload your student's belongings.  Once unloaded, you will be asked to move your vehicle to an exterior lot so other can park nearer to the residence hall to unload. 

We’d encourage you to attend one of the Parents Information sessions during the day to learn about campus resources and meet other Colby-Sawyer families! This is a transition for the whole family, not just your student and we’d like to help you through this process.

By 3pm you will have said your “See You Laters”  and seen your student off as he or she heads to Sawyer Center for the Official Welcome for the Colby-Sawyer Class of 2020!  
Tips for Making the Day a Success
Pack items in boxes or bins. 
Boxes and bins are easier to carry than loose items and paper bags.  Organizing your items in hard sided containers will decrease the number of trips you have to make from the parking lot to your student’s room lessening the chance of losing items. If your student has hang-up clothes, consider bringing a rod to hang the clothes hangers on to maximize each trip. Once items are unpacked you can bring the bins home to minimize unneeded items in your student’s room.
*Insider Tip*
Pack your students bedding into the car last so it is the first thing to come out! By getting the bed made first you can then pile other items on top of the bed as your student settles in.
What should you put in those boxes and bins?! Here is a list of suggestions:
Let your student take the lead in dealing with issues and questions
If he needs to check in and pick up keys, stay in the background and let him do the talking. If a question arises, let him find his Resident Assistant to get the answer. Give him this opportunity to take charge of his new life.
Remember that your student may be dismissive and seem nonchalant about your leaving
This may be his method of dealing with his emotions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t care.
Know where to go. 
Your student’s key, ID and any final paperwork will be waiting for them at check-in in Wheeler Hall in the Ware Student Center. There will be lots of people pointing you in the right direction!  There will also be a lot of friendly faces instructing you where to park and getting you headed on your way.
Wear sneakers.  
Avoid sandals and flip-flops.  While cooler, the risk for injury is much greater than if you are wearing closed-toe and flat shoes.
Please leave your pets at home.
Animals other than service animals and small fish are not allowed in the residence halls. 
Bring a hand truck/dolly.
Bringing your own can be very useful when moving larger items. It's also a great way to make new friends!
Help your student think about choosing his bed, closet, or side of the room.  
Often, the first person in the room will make the first choice of the best bed and closet (if it makes a difference).  Your student may want to wait until her roommate arrives to discuss this.  Be careful that he or she doesn’t alienate a roommate(s) by taking over initially.
Be patient with yourself and your student
It’s an exciting – and an emotional – time for everyone.
Eat a good breakfast and stay hydrated
Make sure to eat a good breakfast and stay hydrated to have enough energy to make it through the day. *Water will be available at each of the residence halls.*
If you have a question, ask! 
As you may have already learned Colby-Sawyer is a friendly place! Whether you are in a Residence Hall and have a question about Orientation or are walking to the College Store and need directions, please ask. We are more than happy to help!
Prepare for not being completely prepared. 
No matter how far in advance you plan or how thorough you are in list making, something will be forgotten. We have many local business or even the college store that should have what you need!
Don’t set up the room for your student.
Let your student make his or her own decisions – probably with the roommate.  This will be their space.  Let them work at making it theirs.
Say goodbye. 
Saying goodbye can be difficult. Having the “big talks/speeches” (grades, alcohol usage, trips home, communication, finances, etc.) before you get to campus can ease these feelings. Use this time to let your student know how proud you are of them, how much you will miss them, and that you will be there to support them.
Reminder about College Room Furniture:

Every student is provided with a bed, mattress, dresser, desk, and desk chair, and all of the furniture must stay in the room at all times. Our furniture varies from room to room. Most beds can be bunked, but some can’t. Some beds in Best Hall have optional loft kits, and some don’t. Some dressers are shorter and wider; others are taller and thinner. All mattresses are 80 inches long.

Unfortunately, our Facilities department is not able to accommodate requests to swap furniture between rooms, or take specific requests regarding the type of furniture you hope to have. If you are not interested in bunking your bed, but hope to have additional storage space under your bed, we recommend purchasing bed risers, which will raise your bed a bit further off the ground.

We hope this information is helpful as your student makes plans to move into his or her room.

Student Orientation

Can you believe your student will be moving into college in less than a month?! After moving into the Residence Halls on the 2nd, students will spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday meeting new friends, getting acclimated to our beautiful campus and learning about services that are available to them throughout their time at Colby-Sawyer. 

Student Only Orientation will begin at 3 pm on Friday, September 2nd.

For more information about Student Orientation please visit the Orientation Website at

Orientation Session for Parents & Families

As you prepare for your students to join us here at Colby-Sawyer next week we want to provide you with an opportunity to hear about some of our on-campus resources.  I’ve arrange for two session with representatives from different departments on campus. They will be able to provide an overview of the services offered by their department and we’ll also open it up for any general questions you may have.  We know this is a transition for families as much as it is for the students and we’d like to be able to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.  Arming you with knowledge of these on campus opportunities for your students can often help you to support them while they’re here at Colby-Sawyer.

Friday September 2nd
10:30am or 12:30pm
Clements Halls in the Ivey Science Center

Both sessions will have the same content so you can choose which session best fits your schedule that day.

Tips on Becoming a Parent of a College Student

Colby-Sawyer College faculty and staff (current and former) who have been through the transition from high school parent to college parent share their experiences and offer some advice in this video.

Send your student a Letter from Home by clicking here!

Parent & Community Partnerships has developed a program, Letters from Home, to help you and your student with this transition and hopefully to combat the onset of homesickness.
Parent Ambassador Board

A great way for any family member to be involved at Colby-Sawyer College

The Parent Ambassador Board is comprised of parents of current students who are willing to share their experiences with other parents throughout the school year and provide feedback to me about how the college may better serve students and families.

For more information or if you're interested in signing up please visit our FAQ Page:
The Stable will be open on move-in day for all your needs from that much needed college sweatshirts, to snack, drinks, extension cords, etc. Come on by!
The Stable is located on the bottom level of Colgate Hall. 

To order books visit:  
The students' courses are listed there and he or she will be able to see what books have been assigned.  If they order from MBS Direct between August 17 and 24, they will get free shipping.

If you have any questions please contact 

Alison R. Seward
Store Manager
Other Questions? Contact me!
Julie Crisafi Lynch
Parent and Community Partnerships Coordinator
Student Development
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