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The Nordic Africa Institute  |  Newsletter 29 April 2016
Photo by Heather Thorkelson, Creative Commons License 2.0

"We should fight impunity, 
not whistle-blowers"

CORRUPTION  In places where impunity prevails, a system of reverse ethics develops.
Photo by UNDP, Creative Commons License 2.0
Urban islands for the elite
SEGREGATION  Dystopic stories in cities like Lagos and Detroit open the backdoor for political experiments that favour the already privileged.

A pamphlet can say more than a thousand books

Nordic Africa Days 2016
CALL FOR PAPERS  Focus on Gender. Deadline 3 May. Hurry hurry, it's on Tuesday!
The politics of female circumcision in Egypt
NEW BOOK  How Cairo's women learn womanhood in their everyday lives.
Consumption and its social aspirations
BOTSWANA  Why buy a suit if your belly is empty?
Photo by ITUJ Ohle, Creative Commons License 2.0
Democratisation and political governance
SEMINAR  Rwanda under Kagame's third term. Stockholm 23 May.
From Charcoal to Ebola
ROUNDTABLE  What makes research development-relevant? Stockholm 4 May.
Lessons learned from peace building mission
POLICY DIALOGUE  Abuja, Nigeria, 1-2 September.
Bye Bye Barney
One guest researcher going home, 125 applying to come.
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