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May, 2016

Rich History, Bright Future


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  • Complete Streets
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  • Youth Golf Program
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Board of Chosen Freeholders
Theodore O. Best Jr, 
Director -  John W. Bartlett Esq, Deputy Director
Terry Duffy - Bruce James - Cassandra "Sandi" Lazzara -Pat Lepore - Hector C. Lora

County Spotlight

Passaic County Larry Doby Day

Larry Doby was a Paterson native who was a professional baseball player in the Negro Leagues and Major League Baseball (MLB) that broke the color barrier in baseball. Larry Doby was the first African American to play in the American League, and the second in the Major Leagues. Larry Doby began his professional career as a star infielder for the Newark Eagles, and after serving in the Navy during WWII he returned to lead them in a championship victory in 1946. After a successful 13 year career in baseball he was appointed to be the manager of the Chicago White Sox in 1978, becoming the second African American to be appointed as manager of a big league team. The Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders, in honor of this baseball pioneer, named July 5th Larry Doby Day.

Behind the Scenes

Karen Cisco
Q: What is your department/title?

A: Karen Cisco, Executive Director of Camp Hope in West Milford

Q: What does your department/staff do on a daily basis?

A: The staff of Camp Hope is here to work, to please, and educate the residents of Passaic County, young and old! Some of the staff cook, some cut grass and shovel snow (and a whole lot more maintaining 62 acres) and others maintain the variety of programs that have served our residents over the years.

Q: Why is this important to Passaic County residents?

A: Camp Hope is a 79 year old facility that is sometimes referred to as the “hidden gem” of Passaic County. It serves as a beautiful County facility in West Milford Township.  Our 62 acre facility has 18 buildings, a 32’x80’ recreation pavilion, miniature golf course, baseball field, a state of the art outdoor safety coated basketball court, a fitness course and a serene walking path to Greenwood Lake.  In 2015 the County also added a brand new 41’x60’ swimming pool that has handicap accessibility, and a magnificent 3,200 square foot spray park that houses features such as hop-scotch, water themed raining flowers, a country rain barrel with a bear welcoming all the visitors to Camp Hope.  

In 2015 over 2,300 children, and over 450 youth counselors from Passaic County came up to the County’s campground operates year round, from September until June, Monday through Friday, as a senior citizen based facility.  Through this program we will entertain seniors from throughout Passaic County on a daily basis.  While here the senior’s enjoy playing Bocce, walking our attractive and peaceful walking paths, playing bingo for prizes, dancing to a live DJ, and enjoying an appetizing breakfast in the morning, a delicious lunch in the early afternoon.

There are many things constantly being planned at Camp Hope for our seniors and our campers to look forward to.  A perfect example of this is the new 20’x60’ pavilion planned to be built by the Give the Kids Hope Foundation.   Our Camp was named CAMP HOPE, as we are there to show those who may be less fortunate that there is always HOPE.   

Q: How/Who can benefit from the work of your department?

A: As mentioned, we serve seniors and kids, and you can call us at 973-88-4757.

Q: What other organizations do you work with?

A: Camp Hope works with any and all senior citizen groups of Passaic County, as well as schools, and various towns and municipalities within Passaic County that have children who would love to spend time at our facility enjoying the fun and sun of Camp Hope. 

Q: What is the biggest accomplishment you wish to highlight?

A: Camp Hope’s largest accomplishment is our safety record.  We have had over 9,000 children come through the gates of the campgrounds in just the last 5 years, and not once did we need to send a child to the doctor’s or hospital due to an injury or illness. 

Finance & Administration

Complete Streets

Complete Streets are for everyone. They are designed to provide safe access for all users including motor vehicles, pedestrians, bicycle and transit riders. This includes mobility for persons of all ages and abilities. Complete Streets make it easy to cross the street, walk to shops, bicycle to work and operate motor vehicles safely. For info on what we have done to improve our roads, and to get guides on bicycle and pedestrian traffic you can click here.
Passport Day

The Passaic County Clerk's Office, will be hosting Passport Day, which will be held on Saturday, June 4th, 2016.  The County Clerk’s Office will be processing Passport applications from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at their offices located at 401 Grand Street, Room 130, Paterson and also at the County Clerk’s Satellite Office located at 1237 Ringwood Avenue, Haskell (Wanaque).  A passport photo will be provided for free with payment of all application fees as part of this outreach event.
Law & Public Safety
How to Escape From a Bear
Bears are among nature’s most majestic creatures, and seeing one in the wild is an unforgettable experience. Get too close, however, and your encounter with a bear can be more terrifying than awe-inspiring. Fortunately, despite humans’ continued encroachment into “bear country," attacks on people are rare, and fatalities are even rarer. Still, bears are immense, powerful wild animals, and any meeting between bears and humans can potentially turn deadly. Do you know what to do if you find yourself face to face with a bear? Read on, and hike safely.
  1.  Avoid close encounters  - If you can prevent an encounter with a bear, the rest of the steps are unnecessary. Bears are reclusive creatures, and they generally prefer to steer clear of humans. You can help them to do so by announcing your presence when you’re exploring their home environment: talk loudly, sing, or carry "bear bells" so bears have time to escape you. 
  2. Stand tall, even if the bear charges you - If the bear sees you and is closer than 300 feet, or if the bear is approaching you, remain calm and try to look as large as possible. Stand your ground and try not to look frightened. Try to back away slowly—do not run—and speak softly. If the bear continues to approach as you back away, stop and stand your ground.
  3. Know your bear -  The steps you take to survive an encounter with a bear will depend in part on the type of bear. North Jersey mostly has Black Bears, which are around 400 pounds and while they are carnivores, they are considered scavengers and prefer not to hunt.
  4. Understand the bear's motivations - A little bear psychology can go a long way—your response to an attack should be shaped by the bear’s motivations. First, if a bear appears to be stalking you (disappearing and reappearing, for example), or if a bear attacks at night, it most likely sees you as food, and any attack will be predatory. If you surprise a bear on the trail, if the bear has cubs, or if the bear is eating from or protecting a carcass, the bear will most likely be acting in self-defense.
  5. Respond appropriately based on the situation - Playing dead only works if the mother is defending her cubs. If any bear makes a predatory attack or you receive any attack from a black bear: fight back! The odds may seem against you in a fight, but bears generally do not see humans as prey, and a bear that makes a predatory attack is usually immature, starving, or wounded, and may easily be scared away if you hit it. 


Why is Mosquito Control Important?
It's Mosquito Season, and Passaic County has a way to help, watch the video to see our special offer. 

Health & Energy

Energy & Weatherization

Passaic County offers extensive energy conservation programs designed to help seniors and other low income families make energy bills more affordable. The home weatherization process includes performance of a home energy audit, selection of cost saving measures based on the condition of the home and/or building. Passaic County's Department of Weatherization and Energy just completed several cost saving project.  To find out what we can do for your home you can call 973-569-4032.

Total Energy Savings of $14,265.54 (February and March) – only comparing 2 months 

SIENNA VILLAGE – WAYNE - $188,000.00 



Passaic County to Hold Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Sale
On Saturday, May 21, 2016 the Passaic County Office of Solid Waste & Recycling Programs will be sponsoring a Compost Bin and Rain Barrel Sale and Education Program at the Clifton City Hall Complex, 900 Clifton Avenue at Dog Pound Road, in Clifton, N.J. from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, rain or shine. The renowned Earth Machine Compost Bin will be available at a special price of $55, cash or check including tax (retail value of $100) while supplies last. Those reserving a compost bin for purchase by May 18, 2016 will receive one free kitchen scrap bucket per household. Rain Barrels may also be purchased for $75. They come complete with accessory pieces to connect to your downspout, and a mosquito screen to prohibit breeding of disease-carrying larvae. To reserve your compost bin and/or rain barrel to guarantee availability the day of the event, please call the Passaic County Office of Solid Waste & Recycling Programs at (973) 305-5738 and give your name, phone number and number of compost bins/rain barrels to be purchased. 

Parks & Projects

Youth Golf Training
The Freeholders are proud to announce Passaic County’s Preakness Valley Golf Course’s 3rd Annual Youth Golf Program. This program consists of 11, one hour long training sessions with pro golf instructors.  The program is free to all those under 18 years of age who also have a membership at the Preakness Valley Golf Course. The program is still accepting participants, if you would like to sign up you can contact us here. 
Pot Hole Season
The Passaic County Roads Division maintains and repairs all county roadways, culverts, catch basins, guide rails, and pavement on county bridges. This consists of 247 miles of roadway throughout 16 municipalities. On our website, we have a notification system where you can tell us about pot holes, request deer removal, drainage problems, and downed trees. You can message us by clicking here.


Teen Substance Abuse Summit
May 18th, 9am
1600 Valley Road, Wayne NJ

Vintage Baseball Game
May 22nd, 11am
Goffle Brook Park, Hawthorne, NJ

Freeholder Meeting
Tuesday May 24th, 5:30pm
401 Grand Street, Paterson

Free Eye Screening
Thursday May 26th, 10am-1:30pm
301 Main Street, Paterson

Document Shredding Service
Sunday June 5th, 9am-2pm
500 Union Ave, Wanaque

Household Hazardous Material Collection Event
Saturday June 11th, 7:30am-2pm
30 Lycosky Drive, West Milford

Annual Senior Art Show Awards Reception
Friday, June 24th, 2pm-3pm 
930 Riverview Drive, Totowa

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Paterson, NJ 07501                                                                         

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