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Solstice Energies and Upgrades
The Heart and Throat

We are in the Solstice window. These points can be seen as the in and out breath of the planet.

 We know, from our own experience, that the space between breaths, when everything stops, is a magical place. Here it's easier for the mind to still, for our individual identity to loosen its bindings, for us to experience our Cosmic Nature. 

This is massively amplified at a planetary level. As we draw close to the solstice, we near that pause, where magic happens. This, I believe, is why the solstice points are such phenomenal opportunities for change, for dissolution. Particularly at this time, a huge completion of many cycles on the planet. 

Maybe, at the solstice, the magnetic fields around the planet weaken, allowing a much stronger inflow of Cosmic energy,  bringing with it, tidal waves of light, information, not only from our star, but all the heavens. 

The energies are already palpable. Try a simple meditation of bringing awareness to rest between the out and in breath, allowing the emptiness to expand and take you. You can slip out of time, into other dimensions easily from this point. 

The pull of the sun at the moment is huge too. Its a vast ball of information and energy, and it wants us to remember our starry origins. That in some dimensions we are already stars. Try consciously moving out of the atmosphere of the planet, beyond all the physic noise of humanity, and bathe in the field of the sun. Build a relationship with it. I find even a ten minute meditation with Sol floods me with a lovely inner warmth and radiance. I am aware of being in-formed by the majesty of the sun. 

We will work with the breath and the sun on Sunday's call. It takes place at 4.30pm UK, 11.30am East Coast on 18th December. Click for details.

The upgrading energy will focus on the heart, throat,and all the glands in between, as well as moving into the head. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the energies present themselves. Ive been in a preparation mode for a few days now. There is lots happening focus all at this enormous point of completion.

Heres what I wrote a week or so ago, about the times we are in. 

This coming solstice is looking to me like an Eye of the needle moment. 

"It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven." 

We are all rich in our possessions, attachments, belief systems, our baggage. Now, its going to truly wise to ditch everything non-essential. Be prepared to let it all go. This doesn't mean we sell  our belongings, say goodbye to family and friends and sit in meditation waiting to be illumined. 

We simply let go of attachment to it all and recognise we are whole as we are. There is nothing and no one external required to complete us. If everything fell away, we would be at peace with that. It means that we are willing to love people, animals, places, things, the earth herself, without attachment, letting everyone go to their highest destiny.

We will explore the solstice energies on the call. What they are offering, amplifying, and our willingness to move through the opening empty handed. This is not a test. we are immersed in huge fields of support, so will make very good use of that.

The call will also focus on the beautiful upgrading energies that are moving into the heart and throat. These regions of the body and field will be re-patterned, allowing the constraints of historic conditioning to fall away so that the creative expression of the throat gets a serious realignment with the energies of the Universal Heart that is now showing up in physical form. 

It all ties in beautifully. As we really get a felt experience of love being an in-dwelling, upwelling force, it becomes much easier to let go energetically of our accumulated baggage. We know that we are love itself. There is nothing to search for, long for, or hunger for. It's there, inside, waiting for us to turn our attention to it, to re-cover it. 

It will allow us to set the stage for 2017. To enter that as clear and empty as possible, so that creation can move through us uninhibited by eons of collective conditioning.
Click here for more details.

This, I think, is a small part of what the upcoming solstice offers. Of course this is perpetually available. But never before have we been moved as a collective in this way. Never before, I think, has this been available en masse as it is now. Very exciting.

I look forward to connecting with many of you on the call, and if not, I wish you a momentous Solstice celebration.

David x


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