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Volume 2, Issue 2       Children & Youth Partnership for Dare County        Winter 2016-17
Oh, What a Year!
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Holiday Closures:
Christmas- December 23 & 26
New Year's- January 2
Martin Luther King Jr. Day- January 16 
Oh, What a Year!
(Top Photo- Right) Children & Youth Partnership was thrilled to receive a generous grant from the Outer Banks Community Foundation to assist with the renovations of the Center for CYP. (Below- Right) On Sept. 28, CYP welcomed the community to a ribbon-cutting to celebrate the completion of the Center for CYP in Manteo. (Bottom left) In April, CYP opened the first Dare County public StoryWalk® at the Manteo Wellness Trail. (Bottom right) In June, CYP kicked off the summer for local families with the Soundside FunFair at the Soundside Event Site in Nags Head.
The Gift of Sparks
Sparks are what people are really passionate about doing, activities that unleash their energy and joy, those they can imagine doing for a long time and that may allow them to make their own positive contribution to the world.

Each of us, young or old or in-between, has at least one spark. Some seem to know a single strong spark from an early age, while many find different sparks throughout their lifetimes. Most of us discover our sparks over time through multiple opportunities and experiences.  We often need the help of others to identify and develop them.

Research shows that when young people know their sparks and have adult support in nurturing them, they are more likely to thrive -- having a sense of purpose, being socially competent and physically healthy, and doing better in school.  Those who thrive most have at least three adults supporting their spark.
CYP’s board, staff, various committees and volunteers regularly discuss and plan goals and activities that ensure our children, youth, families and community all thrive.  CYP is partnering with others to help children and youth identify their sparks and to match them with mentors who offer experiences that encourage sparks to flourish.
Want to help children and youth with their sparks? 

It doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to do! Here are some quick tips to get you started:
  • Be in touch with your own spark(s)
  • Start “spark conversations” with kids, then really listen
  • Encourage by praising interests and efforts, rather than success or winning
  • Provide lots of opportunities for kids to explore
  • Connect kids to others with experience in their areas of interest
  • Volunteer to be a Spark Mentor
CYP is establishing a database of Spark Mentors, caring adult volunteers who want to support young people with whom they have interests in common by providing opportunities and experiences that nurture sparks.  If interested, go to or call Nancy Griffin at 441-0614.
CYP Brings New Staff on Board
2016 has been quite the year for Children & Youth Partnership (CYP), with our spring relocation to our new Manteo Center and the growth and expansion of several of our local programs! Maintaining this momentum, CYP has been pleased to welcome three new staff members to the CYP family over the last few months!
In August, Emily Kenyon came on board as CYP’s Quality Enhancement Specialist. Emily brings us a strong early childhood background, with nearly 20 years as an early childhood professional. She has worked as an early care provider, a small-business owner, and most recently as the Director of the Outer Banks Children at Play Museum. Many may recognize her from her wonderful work at the museum, her kind smile, and her go-getter attitude. CYP is extremely excited to have her joining us to continue to support children, youth, families, and providers in our community!

In September, we were glad to welcome Scott Rock to CYP as our Fiscal Coordinator. Scott has lived on the Outer Banks for over 30 years and has worked as the financial coordinator for several local businesses in the Dare County community for much of that time. Scott is an avid fisherman and surfer and brings a sense of humor and positive attitude with him into his new position each day here at CYP!
In October, Kathy Waxman joined CYP as a Parent Educator for Parents as Teachers in Dare County. Kathy recently relocated to the Outer Banks from Maryland, where she worked as an Early Childhood Educator for over 30 years. Kathy's career has included working with children, families, and educators in a variety of capacities. She is such an energetic person whose passion for children and families shines through in her day-to-day activities. We look forward to seeing her charisma in action as she assumes her new role at CYP supporting the Dare County community!
Please join us in WELCOMING these three wonderful additions to CYP!
Dare Welcomes New Early Care & Education Programs
What a busy and productive fall it’s been for our early childhood educators, center operators and family child care home providers, who are committed to providing high-quality early childhood care and education to our very youngest residents here in Dare County.
Since August of this year, Children & Youth Partnership for Dare County’s Quality Enhancement Program has been supporting several high-energy child care start-up projects.   Within the past year, three of our community's larger early childhood programs closed, leaving many families without care for their children and several early childhood educators without work. Shortly after, we began answering calls from families seeking high quality care for their children and from community members interested in starting up new early childhood programs.
As part of the Quality Enhancement and Maintenance Program, we provide information and support to new operators of child care programs related to state licensing requirements, budgeting and management, building a great teaching staff and establishing a high-quality environment where young children may learn and explore through play. It is an honor to walk with programs through this important “start-up” phase of their development as inspired early childhood education programs and dawning small businesses.
This fall, we had the chance to work with two new owners of child care centers as well as two new family child care home providers. Three of these programs have received their operating licenses and the 4th will be operating soon!
Once early care and education programs are licensed by the NC Division of Child Development and Early Education, Children & Youth Partnership will continue to support them through intensive assistance with enhancing and improving their environments for children, curriculum for learning, and the professional development of their staff.
We appreciate all of our early care and education professionals for seeing the need for quality care for our young children and for offering this important service to families with such strength of purpose, creativity, and willingness.
Interested in starting your own program in Dare County? Click here to contact us!
Events & Trainings = Training Calendar for Early Educators
Since the end of last year here at the Partnership, we’ve been enjoying our new website ( graciously provided by One Boat ( 
One of the features of the new website is the ability to see all of our upcoming trainings for providers as well as community events in one place. We’ve titled this
Events and Trainings. 
It is not a traditional calendar format, but we hope you still find the information clear and accessible for both our early childhood educators as well as community members. The page displays the very next upcoming event or training for teachers in large scale towards the top of the page. The rest of the trainings we are providing in the upcoming months are displayed slightly smaller underneath, usually with a picture of the flyer associated with it and a description.  Here’s how it looks today (See right).


We will still happily deliver bi-annual training calendars to each center or family child care home each summer and before each new year, so please let us know if you need a copy. Keeping in touch and communicating is so important in all facets of our work with young children and families. We hope to always carry that importance through in our communication with our vital early childhood professionals by offering professional development opportunities that are enriching and easily accessible.


Click here to visit CYP's Events and Trainings Page.
Keeping Babies Safe

Updated Recommendations for Safe Infant Sleeping Environments

Keeping children safe is a major priority for every parent and child care facility. Therefore, clear communication regarding infant sleep environments and practices, at home and in child care, is critical. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the number one cause of death in infants between one month and one year of age, and the third leading cause overall of infant mortality in the United States.  Researchers have not identified all of the risk factors for SIDS. But the good news is that several easy adjustments to children's sleep practices can make a tremendous difference in lowering the risk of SIDS.

Sleep position is the single greatest risk factor for SIDS. Babies are at the lowest risk for SIDS when placed on their backs to sleep. Sleeping on their stomachs increases the risk. Since 1997, licensed child care programs in NC have been required to place infants on their backs to sleep. They are also required to provide a safe sleep environment, to have a safe sleep policy, and for infant caregivers to take Infant/Toddler Safe Sleep & SIDS Risk Reduction in Child Care (ITS-SIDS) Training.

here are few things as tragic as losing a baby to SIDS, so every five years the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) makes new recommendations about infant safe sleep practices based on a full review of the research. The new 2016 guidelines reinforce many of the earlier recommendations and add a few new ones.  You can read the AAP's full guidance at the link below, but here are a few of the pediatricians' recommendations:

  • Infants under a year old should always sleep lying on their backs. Side sleeping "is not safe and is not advised," the AAP says. 
  • Infants should always sleep on a firm surface covered by only a flat sheet. That's because soft mattresses "could create a pocket ... and increase the chance of 'rebreathing' or suffocation if the infant is placed in or rolls over to the prone (stomach) position."
  • Any other bedding or soft objects, like pillows or stuffed animals, could obstruct a child's airway and increase the risk of SIDS and suffocation.
  • Pediatricians say breast-feeding reduces the risk of SIDS.
  • The same goes for pacifiers at nap time and bedtime, although the doctors say the "mechanism is yet unclear." They add that "the protective effect is observed even if the pacifier falls out of the infant's mouth."
  • Smoking — both during pregnancy and around the infant after birth — can increase the risk of SIDS. Alcohol and illicit drugs during pregnancy can also contribute to SIDS. "Parental alcohol and/or illicit drug use in combination with bed-sharing places the infant at particularly high risk of SIDS," the pediatricians say.
The new recommendations also advise parents to keep their sleeping babies in the same room with them at night, preferably for a full year, but at least for the first six months.  However, babies shouldn’t share a bed with parents because that increases the risk of SIDS. The safest spot for an infant to sleep is on a firm surface such as a crib or bassinet without any soft bedding, bumpers or pillows.  Sleeping in the same room, but not in the same bed, may reduce babies’ risk of SIDS by up to 50 percent. 

Children & Youth Partnership for Dare County offers the Infant/Toddler Safe Sleep & SIDS Risk Reduction in Child Care (ITS-SIDS) Training for child care providers several times a year, and new parents are welcome to join us.  Please visit the Events & Trainings tab on our website for upcoming trainings, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information on this important topic.

Sources:  Center for Disease Control & Prevention, American Academy of Pediatrics, NC Division of Child Development & Early Education.

Click here to read the AAP’s full guidance for safe infant sleep.
Telling Kids What to Do   

Article by Professor Matt Sanders, the founder of the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program®.

When children refuse to cooperate, it may be related to the way 
instructions are given.
Here are some common traps.

Too many. The more instructions you give, the more opportunities to disobey.

Too few. Children may sometimes seem disobedient because no one has taken the time to give them clear information on what is expected.

Too vague. Shouting your son’s name, then pausing and frowning because he is jumping on the couch might not be of much help if he has also just teased his sister. State clearly what behaviors you find unacceptable.

Asking, not telling: Don’t phrase an instruction as a question. If you ask: “Would you like to go to bed now?” be prepared for them to say: “No”.

Poorly timed. Asking your child to do something while they are busy watching their favorite television show will probably result in them ignoring the instruction.

Shouting from a distance. Instructions shouted from one room to another are often ignored simply because parents are not there to back up the instruction.

Emotionally laden. Children react to the emotional tone of what parents say to them. Calling children “stupid” or an “idiot” shows disapproval of the child rather than the child’s behavior. Although it can be difficult, parents should work to control expressions of anger when giving children instructions.

If you want your child to stop doing something, remember to tell them what to do instead. Give your child time to cooperate and praise them when they do so – or carry out a logical consequence if they refuse.

To find out more about Triple P in Dare County go to

CYP Note: This article is the second in a series of articles by Dr. Matt Sanders that will be highlighting parental challenges and helpful parenting strategies. Stay tuned to later newsletter issues for more information! 

Triple P- Positive Parenting Program in Dare County

We are very excited to announce that Children & Youth Partnership for Dare
County has received a System of Care grant from Trillium Health Resources to expand the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program in Dare County. A continuum of services will now be available for families with children and adolescents.

Triple P is an evidence-based program that gives parents the skills they need to manage misbehavior and prevent problems from happening in the first place. From toddler tantrums to a teenager’s defiance, from bedtime dramas to outright disobedience, Triple P helps you sort through the issues that affect families everywhere—giving your child the best start to life. Triple P is distinctive in that it is not a “one-size-fits-all” course. Rather, it is a system that offers increasing levels of support to meet parents’ different needs. Parents can choose anything from individual counseling sessions to more intensive group courses. Triple P is now also available online, adding further flexibility and convenience for parents.

For more information about Triple P, contact Sara Sampson with Children & Youth Partnership for Dare County at 441-0614 or email

Click Here for Free Online Parenting Courses Provided by Triple P
'Tis the Season to be Jolly
Give the Gift of Reading

WHAT IF every child in Dare County had access to high-quality books at home? During this Holiday season, please consider helping us Give the Gift of Reading to Dare County children through a donation to support CYP's nationally acclaimed early literacy programs, including Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, Reach Out and Read, and Raising A Reader. Give the Gift of Reading this season by texting WHATIF (all one word/capitalized) to 41444 or visit

Smile on CYP for the Holidays
Online shopping is a big hit for busy families during the Holiday season. Did you know that you can support Children & Youth Partnership simply by shopping on Amazon? When visiting Amazon to do your shopping, simply type in the address bar, rather than Once you are logged into Amazon Smile, you are able to choose any charity or organization that is registered and important to you. Upon doing that, 0.5% of eligible purchases will be gifted to your organization of choice! What a simple way to make a big difference in our community!
Click here to contact us about becoming an exhibitor or sponsor for KidsFest.
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