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Volume: 1 (2016), Issue: 1 (April-June)

1. Introducing Science-based Homeopathy NewsLetter

Dear Doctor/Scientists/Patients

It gives me an immense pleasure to introduce inaugural (first) issue of Science-based Homeopathy NewsLetter. There is no better time than the month of April to start with as World Homeopathy Day is celebrated on account of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's birthday. 

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2. World Health Day on 7th April

‘World Health Organisation’ celebrates 7th April every year as ‘World Health Day’ to raise awareness on health, disease and cure. Let us review each of them. 

Genetic code genome is responsible for what’s going to constitute the make-up of a resulting individual. The genetic code map is responsible for physical, mental and emotional symptoms, which are a result of both functional disorders and structural changes in the body.

The direction of cure was first mentioned by Hippocrates. The progress of cure in chronic diseases was mentioned by Dr. Hahnemann in Chronic Diseases.

Albrecht von Haller had postulated as early as 1771 that the effect of a drug ought to be tested on healthy persons before it was given to the sick but it was Hahnemann who in 1790 first tested the effect of drug (Cinchona) on healthy human being and published the results in 1796.

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3. World Homeopathy Day on 10th April

“Chinchona bark was to Hahnemann what the falling apple was to Newton and the swinging lamp to Galileo” [ref] [click to tweet]

~B.K. Sarkar (1963)

Greetings to medical and health professionals, scientific community, patients and to the general public spread across 7 continents – a wonderful “World Homeopathy Day” on 10th April 2016 on account of the founder and father of Homeopathy Dr. Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann’s 261st birthday (born 1755, Germany). Every year 10th April is celebrated all over the world as ‘World Homeopathy Day as a tribute to Hahnemann. Medical doctors and patients of over 42 countries are joining together on 10th April for celebrations.

Samuel Hahnemann is the Father of HomeopathyFather of Human Pharmacology , Father of Nano Medicine and the Father of Infinite Dilution concept in Chemistry.

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4. World Homeopathy Awareness Week 10-16th April

The week following the birth date of Hahnemann i.e. 10th April is celebrated as World Homeopathy Awareness Week

Real awareness is the number 1 support to medicine.  Raising Awareness of homeopathy among the masses can make the world a healthier and a happier place. [click to tweet]

WHAW 2016 theme is “Homeopathy as Preventive Medicine”

Preventive Medicine, also called as Prophylaxis is based on the Principle: Like Prevents Like
A remedy that is given in advance of illness will prevent the disease it will cure.
Benjamin Franklin said ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’?

Preventive use of homeopathy was first applied in 1799 during an epidemic of scarlet fever in Königslütter, Germany, when Dr. Hahnemann prescribed a single dose of Belladona, as the remedy of the epidemic genius to susceptible children in the town with more than 95% success rate. In 1860, it was recommended as the treatment of choice in the National Dispensatory, which stated: “As long as persons are under the influence of belladonna the liability to contract scarlatina is very much diminished.”

It was another 125 years before Gladys Henry and George Frederick developed a vaccine for scarlet fever in 1924.

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5. International Convention on Homeopathy 9-10th April 2016 at New Delhi, India

The Government of India to hold two-day International Convention on 9-10th April 2016 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi which will be inaugurated by The Honourable President of India Dr. Pranab Mukherjee. The theme of the convention is ‘Integrating Homeopathy in HealthCare‘. Details at

6. International Homeopathic Congress 8-10th April 2016 at New Delhi, India

A multi disciplinary Congress organized during the World Homeopathy Day with a focus on expanding the relevance of homeopathy. Details at

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