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Fast Five: An IWSG Gift

Roller Coaster of Being a Writer by Joanna Penn

I hate writing. It’s so hard to force myself to sit and type words that are a load of crap anyway.

·        - I love writing. Some days I can get into a flow state and the words come effortlessly onto the page, and they’re actually pretty good! I love creating something from just my brain. It’s the best life in the world.

My mind is completely empty. I will never have another idea.

·        - Trust emergence. Something will come out of the milieu of this crazy, buzzing world.

Write to live: I need to write something that will sell so I can pay the bills.

·        - Live to write. I’m happy to make money with a day job so I can write the best book I can write, without fear of earning income.

I love connecting with my readers and fans. I love reading reviews and getting emails from people who enjoy my books.

·        - I’m afraid of criticism. I hate the one star reviews. They make me want to give up every day. Sometimes I wonder if it would be best if no one even read my work, because then no one would attack me.

I want an agent and a publisher so that I will feel validated as a writer.

·        - Number of books sold and money in my bank account, as well as happy readers, are all the validation I need as a writer.

I want to see my book for sale in the local bookstore so that my family and friends will understand what the hell I do all day.

·        - I want to sell ebooks in 150 countries worldwide because in that way I will reach far more people than my local bookstore ever can.

I want a movie deal and a seven figure advance and global adoration and JK Rowling-like success.

·        - I just want to sit in my writing hut and be quiet and stay away from the crowds, and think and write, and be happy.

I want people to like me and accept me and think I’m a nice person.

·        - I will not self-censor. I will write my dark truth.

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Post A to Z Self-Esteem and Insecurity by Chrys Fey

Last year during the A to Z Challenge, I felt larger than life. My blog had been mentioned by several participants, and I received awesome feedback on my theme (disasters). I felt as though I were walking on a cloud. Then I ventured out into the real world and deflated. No one on the streets knew about my blog. No one in the store knew just how much I had killed the Challenge. I suddenly felt like a nobody.

I later realized it didn’t matter that these people didn't know I was a good blogger. I may be little known as an author, but I am known in my part of the blogging community and that’s what counts.

Feeling like nothing special in public isn’t fun though, so I started to carry reminders of my accomplishments. On my phone I have the new cover art for Seismic Crimes as the background. I also wear a bracelet with charms on it that symbolize my books. With these items, I can defeat any self-esteem issues that crop up when I’m feeling insecure in public.

If you feel like a nobody at times, carry reminders of how awesome you are wherever you go.


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The Future of Publishing: 7 Things an Author Should Do
- 4 Lessons for Authors on the Current State of Publishing

Roland Yeomans is our spotlight for April. For the A to Z Challenge his posts featured the Ghost of Sigmund Freud, and even Mark Twain. Each post started with a quote by Freud and consisted of the first thing that came to Freud's mind for each letter. Ever 
philosophical and creative, Roland wrote these posts as if they were stories and Freud and Twain were his characters. Roland blogs at Writing in the Crosshairs.
A to Z as a Marketing Model by Arlee Bird

When I did my first Blogging from A to Z April Challenge in 2010 I had no idea that my simple stunt would still be going strong six years later. At the time I was merely trying to gain attention to my few months old blog and acquire new followers.

In a matter of five days nearly one hundred bloggers from around the world had signed up to join me. The success of that first April indicated to me that we had something with great potential on our hands.
From the outset I understood that the A to Z Challenge was primarily about marketing. I was trying to "sell" my blog to a wider audience in order to reach more readers. At the same time, I was building a community of other bloggers who desired a similar goal. The concept worked. I gained followers as did the other participants. A to Z was a blogging phenomenon with a generally favorable reputation.
Marketing instills fear in the hearts of many writers. Rather than a chore, make the marketing a fun challenge. If you can get your potential audience invested in what you are doing, you can get more publicity and more importantly, sales. The writing itself takes creativity, but so does fun marketing. Selling your story is a new story where you and your book are the main characters and the marketing plan is the plot.  Successful marketing requires innovative strategic thinking.
Using my experience with the Challenge, you can find ideas that might assist you in developing your own personal brand and your marketing plan. Many writers with blogs have used the Challenge as a way to promote themselves and their books. The A to Z Challenge helped me to build content and develop writing skills. It’s worked for me.

Parallels: Felix Was Here
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