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Galeria Cristina Guerra, Lisbon, Portugal

GROUP SHOW A Forma do Pensamento
Opening 19 May

The curator Miguel Von Hafe Perez will organise a group show at Cristina Guerra's Gallery in Lisbon. Further details on the exhibiton "The Shape of Thought" will be available soon on the gallery's website.

Galeria Cristina Guerra, Lisbon, Portugal

Closing 12 May

In this most recent exhibition, João Paulo Feliciano departs from his experience as creative director of the festival NOS Primavera Sound at Parque da Cidade in OPorto, to create a series of works which expands this experience, both as a creator and as a spectator, to the territory of his own artistic practice.
"The intense experience of thinking, designing, making, and living the NOS Primavera Sound has become a rich part of my artistic life. Suddenly, on the days that followed last year's edition, with all memories still vivid and clear, a series of ideas for art pieces flowed: materials, objects, shapes, building systems, pictures, colours, metaphors, experiences, events... many aspects of the festival came to mind as potencial ideas for art pieces. What interested me about these ideas was the possibility to work on them freely, unbounded from the many constraints of the festival itself (...)".
João Paulo Feliciano

The Photographers Gallery, London, UK


Closing 3 April

This first major UK solo installation by acclaimed Brazilian artist Rosângela Rennó presents images from the salvaged archives of photojournalist Aurelio Gonzalez and uses 20 analogue projectors.
Taken between 1957 and 1973 it's drawn from 48, 626 negatives that were hidden between the walls of the Communist El Popular newspaper to prevent them being seized before the military coup and which were only rediscovered by chance 30 years later.
Rennó highlights the overlooked narratives of everyday protagonists during a time of great social and political upheaval in Uruguay and throughout Latin America. She addresses the phenomena of national amnesia surrounding historical events, born out of the censorship imposed by the military regime, and aims to reintroduce these images into a present day context.
With thanks to Catherine Petitgas and other members of the Rosângela Rennó Exhibition Circle.

Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, UK

Closing 3 April
Through photographic projects by Edgar Martins and Jordan Baseman, this exhibition presents two series of work that invite us to reflect on how we deal with death, as a society and individually.
Edgar Martins attempts to understand our relationship to death and photography's role in this process through a variety of images. In shaping the exhibition, the Open Eye Gallery has been in consultation with leading individuals & mental health organisations to ensure an open dialogue. Throughout the exhibition, we will be holding events considering the ethical responsibilities and systems of public beliefs around the work presented and sharing the findings. The exhibition's title, Flat Death, is taken from Roland Barthes' Camera Lucida which considers the photograph as a fixed record of a moment in time.
Edgar Martins presents a selection of images from his project titled, Siloquies and Soliloquies on death, life and other interludes. Martins has worked closely with the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Science in Portugal to create the work, which includes challenging images relating to death. Presented are photographs of forensic evidence, archival material and Martins' own reflections. Whilst upholding respect for the deceased and the bereaved, Martins raises the importance of discussing why our depiction and understanding of death creates tensions when spoken about in public.

Novo Banco Space, Lisbon, Portugal


Exposição *27 - Linhas de Diálogo 

Opening 4 April
The board of directors from NOVO BANCO and Coca-Cola Foundation have the pleasure to invite to the opening of the new exhibition 'Exposição *27 - Linhas de Diálogo', at the space NOVO BANCO, in Lisbon.
Curated by Lorena Martínez de Coral, the exhibition will present artworks from portuguese artists, amongst them Daniel Malhão, João Louro and Julião Sarmento, and from a few spanish artists.

Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian, Paris, France


Closing 17 April
Curador: Ami Barak. The exhibition 'La Chose, même - the real thing' presents a panorama of Julião Sarmento's work. Sarmento is a remarkable artist in the contemporary art scene in Portugal, being an international reference. The artist started his career in the 70's, turning decade in Portugal's political freedom from Salazar's dictatorship. Throughout the years, Sarmento develops a diverse artistic practice, exploring different supports and tools, such as photography, drawing, sculpture, video or performance, keeping always a straight relationship with text, that he includes and composes in fragments of his pieces. The iconic presence of women is characteristic in Julião Sarmento's work. This theme is subtle, repetitive and enigmatic in Julião's artwork. Julião Sarmento questions performing themes such as the desire and its mechanisms. The spectator becomes a voyeur of an elaborated vision, hypothetical, allowing being seduced by the artist's implicit purposes.

Ritter Museum, Waldenbuch, Germany

ANGELA BULLOCH     Lunapark 2000

Closing 17 April
The exhibition "Lunapark 2000" at the Ritter Museum presents an extraordinary selection of light art pieces, with works from Marli Hoppe-Ritter Collection. These brilliant works were all created in this new millennium. These works represent these artists dedication to the potential of light art creation. Since Light Art has achieved it's artistic highlight during the 60's, the public interest in these medium has never decreased, remaining as vibrant as before, being the only differences the technological evolution itself. Nowadays not only neon tubes are used but also LEDs that produce surprisingly effects in combination with micro-ships and with computer assisted electronics. The exhibition "Lunapark 2000" gives a small impression of the wide range of possibilites that emerged in these last years, to work this light medium. Through its diversity, the pieces of this collection are able to transmit different directions in a fascinating variety of shapes in which light is being explored in contemporary art. The exhibition includes works by the following artists: Angela Bulloch, Hans Kottewr, Brigitte Kowanz, François Morellet, Maurizio Nannuci, Miriam Pranti, Rosalie.

Forum Eugénio de Almeida, Évora, Portugal

ADRIANA BARRETO    Onde a Mão Pode Alcançar

Happening 23 April
Brazilian artist Adriana Barreto will do a performance entitled: "Where the Hand Can Reach" at a space in the Forum Eugénio de Almeida in Évora, Portugal. Adriana Barreto was born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1949. She lives and works between Rio de Janeiro, New York and Lisbon.

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germany

CHRISTIAN ANDERSSON  Wolfsburg Unlimited

Opening 24 April | Closing 11 Sep.

In real life as in art - the most important thing is that change starts within us, inside our doors, in our close environment. For this reason, the first large scale exhibition organised by the museum director Dr. Ralf Beil, "Wolfsburg Unlimited" will focus on Wolfsburg region. The title relates entrepreneurial and creative energies, referring to its geographical positioning and to its barriers dissemination. What is a city? what does distinguishes it? what might a city become? Ralf Beil asks these questions to a circle of internacional artists, exploring interpretations and transformations of Wolfsburg. Seven large scale projects were created to the exhibition, reflecting the city in the museum, making the city a tangible world laboratory. "Wolfsburg Unlimited" tries to explore the special history of this city. The exhibition will explore the different axis of space and time, representing the reality of modernism and also from the the present, in a special way. The "Capital of Volkswagen", headquarters of a global company, Wolfsburg is an exemplary place, witness of tensions between the industrial era, mobility and digital era, between mass culture and individual, between local and global action. "Wolfsburg Unlimited. A City as World Laboratory" rethinks Wolfsburg with an artistic perspective: a experimentalist field from the present and future, with powerful messages from the past.

Kunsthaus Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

LAWRENCE WEINER   "Und Eine Welt Noch"

Opening 26 April | Closing 26 June

The exhibition "Und Eine Welt Noch" in the Hamburg Kunsthaus departs with artworks from the artist Hanne Darboven (1941 - 2009), to examine the perspective of a new generation from internacional artists. Besides presenting artworks by artists from the same generation _ Sol LeWitt, Lawrence Weiner _ the exhibition focus in contemporary art from artists that reflect on similar questions and use similar strategies. This group show will present a wide range of artworks that explore different knowledge systems and contemporary issues.

Frac Haute Normandie , Normandie, France

JONATHAN MONK   Portrait de L'Artiste en Alter

Opening 28 April

Departing from a mysterious disease called "Multiple Personality Disorder" that emerged in USA during the 80's, the exhibition 'Portrait of an Artist in Alter' explores how artists are actually confronted with the portrait type, reinventing it, using different methods and representation codes. With pieces from the collection and from international and national loans, the pieces presented by the FRAC will transmit to the spectator a wide range of contemporary representation ways. The exhibition will show beyond painting, drawing and photography, traditionally related with self-portrait. The popular practices and the mass media influence, with photomaton, video, internet and more recently the selfie, brought new social practices and new gestures that contribute, partially to the auto-portrait's renovation. The feminist movement and the gender questions also gave place to a wide movement that questions identity, translated by performances in which the artists play different personalities. The portrait gallery organised by FRAC brings together actual postures presented in perspective with older pieces, form the 70's until the 90's. The exhibition presents painting, drawing, photography, video, edition, installation and performance. This exhibition will also reveal artists' proposals that worked in auto-portrait as a systematic investigation.


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