Vineyard, Hunter Valley  
This weekend, I visited a bunch of vineyards and a gin / vodka distillery. People are paid to drink alcohol every day and that's quite strange isn't it. Not that I was complaining, I probably tried 20 wines, two gins and 5 vodkas for free. The vineyards in particular were using a very good long game marketing plan. If you suffocate people with niceness, there is such a higher chance that you'll remember the company and recommend them to friends. Startups can learn a lot from this approach - use your passion for your product to inspire those trying it to actually want it, rather than doing a hard sell; The vineyards could've easily charged me a lot for entry, but that would've set me on a negative foot from the off.

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Designers are... ~ Design
Everyone knows designers are a bunch of overconfident devil's advocates, so it's funny to see someone ripping it out of us. Watch this funny skit on what it's like to be a designer and why design is so important.

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Be good to others ~ Ethics
People are generally good. We open the door for others, let someone on the tube in front of us and allow friends to take the first nacho. Why is it though that, at work, we're only interested in tapping into our good will when incentivised? Would you attend the sales meeting after hours if you weren't going to be taking a cut? Psychologists reckon that we've all got a bit of Jeckyll / Hyde syndrome in us, and it affects how selfish we are in each situation. I see you, old lady crossing the road.

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Lettered ~ Interview
David Letterman's hold on the late night chat show in America was undoubtable. Since his stepping down / firing, he's been laying low, and growing the best beard this side of Dalston. In this interview, he lays down his thoughts on the current presidential situation, and also what he's been up to. Look at this just for the video of him grilling Trump throughout the years.

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Settling down ~ Travel 
We hear so much about the European colonisation / destruction of Australia, but rarely are we told about who they were colonising. It turns out that the aboriginal folk of Australia have been on the country for over 50k years, and what's even more impressive is that once they settled, they never left their area. This is why the aboriginal people feel such a close connection with the land, because it is theirs and has been for thousand of years. Read the article, and watch the video, it's top stuff.

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Be my friend Mental health  
As men age, they lose their friends. This might seem strange, but apparently they don't even notice it happens. This not only affects their social status, but also mental state. It's important to keep in touch, so don't lose your buddies. Read about an actual 40 year old man going through this very realisation,

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