I finally decided to start watching Westworld. Enough time has passed since people were ramming it down my throat for me to watch it without preconceptions. For those that haven't seen it, it's pretty much Lost. I'm also reading a book called Voss, by Patrick White. It's about a German man travelling across Australia. It's strange to recognise street names and districts that were foreign just 4 weeks ago. Both Westworld and Voss heavily feature journeys and acceptance, which makes me think about what I'm doing - am I travelling, or living abroad? I'm working, and have keys to my own apartment, so does this mean I'm 'settled'? I lived in London for 5 years, but it still didn't necessarily feel like home. I guess something will click.

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McDonald's logo might be the most recognisable in the world, but it was a mistake that gave us those arches. It wasn't until the architectural decision to create two 'golden' arches either side of their restaurant did the icon come into form. If you're interested to know the history behind that Big Mac you were chomping on at 2am on Saturday night, then have a read.

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Sticking together 
Firstly, I apologise for my unfinished / sloppy opening gambit on the lack of Islamic areas in major cities last week. I'll stick to what I'm good at and point you to experts talking about the subject. Here's a superbly analytical take on the very notion of Islamophobia and whether it is actually a legitimate concept. She discusses the cultural impact and (poor) reactions by the left and right after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, through the historical shift of Christianity from being a radical religion, to an 'accepted' way of life. She uses her own Islamic past to put forward a strong case to suggest Islam needs reform as well as the way it is treated in the West.

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Behind the curtain.
Trump's performance over the past few weeks, and in particular the press conference this week, has hurt my head. I just cannot believe that there are not legislations in place to stop the noise. I was explaining to a friend yesterday that because he and his team are so outrageous, it makes each scandal seem inconsequential, whereas any 'normal' politician would be harangued for smaller, for example claiming for a 'floating duck island' on your MPs expenses. Anyway, Trump's approach to conferences are apparently similar to Slobodan Milošević's during the Yugoslavian collapse.

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Protest for your thoughts. 
I've never been one for protests. I can't see why protesting, rather than actioning, will convince those you're against to act differently, and your seemingly valid opinions will be drowned out by those jumping on the wagon just for protests sake. I'm sure you've seen the coverage, where anchors question those who are not there to express opposition because of a rationality of thought, but because they want to feel part of the collective. It works both ways though, who did the news channels question when the Brexit vote was happening? That's right, it was those who weren't entirely sure why they wanted out, they just 'did'. Read this article explaining why we shouldn't necessarily be shutting down the freedom of speech of those we disagree with, because by doing so we're restricting our basic human right of free speech. So stop protesting, and start acting.

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With the shift towards populism leading the biggest countries, it's probably worth us knowing where it came from and what exactly it is. Allegedly, America invented the movement, which is odd, but it was taken to another level in Latin America. Read all about it.

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