It was my birthday this week, so happy birthday to me. Given the fact I don't eat sugar, birthday pineapples are my thing. I wish I'd thought about monetising this lifestyle choice back when I started, as a chipper 17 year old. Its popularity now is launching book deals and TV shows; it could've been me, damn it. I Quit Sugar, from Sydney, has its own offices, a New York Times bestseller, and 000s in the bank. I do still have a dream of launching my own sugar free hot sauce label, so who wants to get on board to make it happen?

For new subscribers, hello and welcome to Milk, No Sugar. I want to remove small talk, by giving you interesting and debatable subjects to bring up with your friends / colleagues / parents / neighbours / enemies.

Olympic legacy ~ Architecture
Bringing the Olympics to a city is supposed to spur prosperity and spark economic comfort, yet the reality is just not that. Rome and Boston this week pulled out of hosting 2024 Olympics due to their concerns over profitability, leaving just two cities in the running. This lack of interest is going to need addressing, or the games will cease to exist. Incase you wanted to see how post-Olympic parks look, here's a gallery of loads of abandoned stadia and event spaces from around the globe.

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Show me the money ~ Personal development
I'm becoming a bit annoyed at the celebritisation of designers. This article is hosted on the blog of Tobias van Schneider, who is apparently a superstar. He previously worked at Spotify and has since been on a seemingly constant world tour of ass-kissing receivership. I went to a design film screening in London once and he was a guest speaker, but was completely unprepared, with no real answers to audience points. No worries though, because everyone was still eating out of his hand. Anyway, on his blog a guest poster gives you a bunch of very helpful tips on finding new work via LinkedIn, whether you're a designer or not. I know that our generation are consistently unhappy at work, so why not get going and find that dream job, now.

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Lend an umbrella ~ Mental health
This short animation from Norwegian animator Hanne Berkaak, The Boy Who Fell and the Man Who Picked Him Up Again, is a moving portrayal of depression and the power we have as friends or family members to help others through. Do you know anyone struggling? Lend them an umbrella in their rainy days.

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Turning a new leaf Activism 
Remember last week when I said that rather than protesting, we should do something? Well, this woman is. Despite being an ex-skinhead herself, she's on a mission to rehabilitate neo-Nazis in the U.S. and 'turn them around'. Read an interview with her over on Fusion, where she explains what she's doing and in particular, the potential loneliness of women trying to escape the extremism.

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Steal beams Psychology 
According to a new study commissioned by Princeton University, the more you feel left out, the higher chance you have of believing in conspiracy theories. Sounds weird, but if you think about it, it kind of makes sense. The more detached people become from reality, the more susceptible they seem to be to alternative information. You know what I mean.

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Play my favourite song Music 
What do Notorious B.I.G, Radiohead, Prodigy, Missy Elliot, Daft Punk, and The Chemical Brothers have in common? They all released pretty good albums in 1997. That was 20 years ago, by the way. To celebrate, here's a list of all the crackers that are celebrating their anniversary this year.

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With my relocation to Australia, it does free me up for freelance design work. If you, or a peer, is in need of some graphic design work, get in touch. 


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