This week I launched a project in partnership with the luxury watch brand, Patek Philippe. Considering they spend million on marketing, and their watches are around £20k+, it bends my mind thinking that this project was done by one 26 year old guy sitting in an office in London. I'm not too sure the client knows that fact. Still waiting on my tester model, too.   

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Stranger's things. 
Who doesn't love an old image gallery. I invite you to take a look through 1950s Hong Kong, from its water markets to bamboo construction to businessmen reading newspapers. What's more, they are set in glorious black and white.    

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Artificial support. 
Apparently, 'companion robots' are being introduced to help lonely people. In quite a sad way, the Society of Sant-Vincent-de-Paul made this moving advert to explain how human interaction will always win. It's short, but will have you thinking.     

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Down to a tee. 
This one is for the data / history / political nerds out there. Have you considered how election results were delivered in the times before the internet, TV and radio? It was apparently common for people to travel towns to find out the results. More recently, people would gather outside newspaper buildings, or be told about results via spotlight - No, I don't understand that either.

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Work, work, work, work, work. 
In 1930, economist John Keynes predicted that before the end of the century, we would have been working a 15 hour week. Just imagine how much more time for activities you would have with that. As we all know, this didn't happen. Why? Well, according to this guy, capitalism has worked in the opposite way it should have - we're forced into doing jobs that don't actually contribute anything to society. We're managers of managers of managers, and perpetuating a culture where everything needs someone, not thing, to do it.

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Waste not. 
Now something a little lighter. Given that there are pumpkins everywhere and you're probably wondering what to do with yours when you're bored of seeing a candle in it, I've got you a list of 21 pumpkin recipes to try. I make a mean pumpkin soup.

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