There's something quite reassuring about heatwaves. Your country might be going heading down the pan, but everything will be alright. Grab an iced coffee in the morning, get the beers in at night and enjoy what you have, not what you want. Can I get a hallelujah?

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This house in Homerton certainly knows how to prioritise.
It's not a problem
You don't need me to remind you of the political rhetoric concerning immigration, but I will arm you with some stats. Saudi Arabia has the highest percentage of immigrants in their population, at 32%. Confusingly, Australia is second on the list, which bends my head seeing as anti-immigration folk tend to use their points system as a superb example of 'keeping them out'.

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You swine
It turns out that the mass 'production' of pork is potentially going to kill us. Pumping the animals with drugs is, in turn, creating antibiotic resistant bacteria, which is quite a scary thought. Read about it here, then watch the Swine movie, which explains it in more detail.

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No one man should have all that power
Superpower countries such as USA, Russia, China may seem to promote strong independent values that are cohesive and ultimately for the public good, but it's easy to ignore the fact that, to become so big, a lot of people suffered. Colonisation is a nasty tool, ignored by nationalists in their pursuit of greatness, and the destruction caused by the process makes me feel a big sick. Read about what this power means for those countries previously mentioned, their military presence and access to deadly weapons.

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Free as in beer
Using the phenomenal Pokemon Go as a reference, watch this video to learn how launching a free product (app) can actually be incredibly lucrative. First mind blowing stat: 50% of free app revenue is generated from 0.5% of players. App developers are trying to force you into a corner, where the only way out is through your AMEX. 

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Your best friend
If you were forced to flee your country, what would the one thing you'd make sure you took with you? I'm guessing a mobile phone would take that top spot. The BBC created this very impressive video exploring just how this has manifested for those fleeing Syria, how their journeys have shaped up and how important that one piece of tech is in ensuring safety. 

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