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I started a new job this week, and alongside the usual social panic that comes with it, there was the imposter syndrome complex, too. Lots of the things required weren't listed on the job description, so I was sitting there sweating for most of the first week. The problem here, though, is that we are hired for a reason. Companies want us on their team not necessarily because of what we can do right now, but because of what we are capable of. It's very easy to sit and fester in your own confusion, but it's so important to ask for help in order to grow. Mentorship is something we're not really told is important when in school, particularly in the UK, but is the best way to learn and grow; especially in growing small businesses where every cent counts. Moral of the story is that by asking your boss, colleagues, or friends when you're stuck isn't shameful, it's how we get better.

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The new album ~ Music
When was the last time you listened to a whole album, front to back? Now, when was the last time you listened to a playlist, maybe Spotify's weekly digest? I'm quietly confident the latter was most recent. There are arguments that playlists are rendering full albums useless, because all we end up doing anyway is streaming our favourite tracks, or mashing the title track up into a playlist with similar artists. Frank Ocean, my favourite album (in full), of 2016, released a new track this week, but what was most notable of the release was how he did it. He didn't blast the track out on social media and leave it be, he played it on a radio slot, inside a curated playlist.

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Add more space ~ Design
As a designer by profession, I'm constantly asked by those not how to improve their own designs, or where to find inspiration. The thing is, I didn't one day just switch into being a professional designer, it has been a process stretching years, and without mistakes I just wouldn't be where I am. However, there's no reason why you, interested in design as a hobby, can't try and kickstart your skills. With that in mind, here's a really useful article by someone who teaches design, on how you can make a bunch of simple tweaks to that thing you've been asked to design to make it look a lot more professional.

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Inventive cartography ~ Art
Back in 1973, Israeli artist Michael Druks decided to map something a little out of the ordinary - his own face. Layering up not only the physical, but emotional parts of himself and his history allowed him to map his life on paper, in the style of a landscape. I wonder what my map would look like.

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There's a darkness on the edge of town ~ Mental health 
Cities in winter are noticeably more miserable than in summer. Despite the pathetic fallacy of the city seemingly being widespread, SAD disorder is a diagnosable condition. How does this translate when living in a country that might not see much light at all during the winter months, like Norway? Have a little read of how winter affects us emotionally and how those in the Scandinavian countries cope.

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Women in computing Equality  
The proportion of women in any tech job I've worked in has been severely low, which is strange given the history women have played in the development of the industry. What worries me is that computing / software development is slowly turning into what we know banking to be - boys clubs. To keep yourself in the loop, here's a brief history of what women have contributed. Hint: a lot.

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The secret life of Film  
Apart from making crap films, Terence Malik apparently lives a secluded life, in similar vein to J.D. Salinger and Thomas Pynchon. If you're into understanding why someone would not want to run interviews on their art, want to watch one of the only videos of him in his skivvies - dancing in a honky tonk bar - or just love the man, give yourself a Sunday treat and read this extensive piece on the importance of being a recluse.

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