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This Week @ CCD!
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Monday, September 26:
Presidential Debate time!
Tuesday, September 27:
Happy Tuesday!
Wednesday, September 28:
WMW: Lunch with Dianne Newman
12-1pm, 152 Braun
Thursday, September 29:
Grad/Postdoc Chat
12-1pm, CCD Conference Room 257

WMW: Info Session
3-4pm, CSS 2nd Floor Common Area
Friday, September 30:
 First week of Classes Complete! Congrats!

This Week @ CCD!

Mon, Sept.26 Fri, Sept. 30, Women Mentoring Women Applications now online and LIVE! 
The purpose of WMW is to provide support for women* graduate students as they negotiate their academic, professional, and personal development. Expect to for your mentoring match to meet over a one-year period—some meet monthly, others bi-weekly. We look forward to getting to know you. WMW is completely free and is open to Undergraduate, Graduate, & Postdoc Women* with Staff and Alumna included as mentors. Please consider applying for WMW as a mentor and mentee

Please follow the links below to become a mentor and/or mentee today!

*We use an inclusive definition of "woman" and "female" and we welcome trans women, genderqueer women and non-binary people who are significantly female-identified.
Please follow this link or go to Women Mentoring Women website for an online application for Mentors
Mentor applications are due Friday September 30th!

For those seeking Mentorship, please take this 10 minute survey to help us match you.
Mentee Applications are due Sunday October 16th

Mon, Sept.26 6:00PM Presidential Debates -On a television near you!
Tonight is the 1st of the Presidential Debates for the upcoming election. Presidential elections, campaigns and debates are full of opportunities to discuss topics that are very pertinent to our mission at the Caltech Center for Diversity.  We would like to provide you with some resources around taking a social justice approach to the election/debates

We hope you'll watch the debates and reflect on the extent to which candidates discuss specific civil rights and social justice issues. Also, pay attention to how the candidates discuss bias, diversity and inclusiveness in their debate responses.

First presidential debate (Mon, Sept. 26) 6:00 PM!
Vice presidential debate (Tues, Oct. 4)
Second presidential debate (Sun, Oct. 9)
Third presidential debate (Wed, Oct. 19)

Read more at Debates were first televised in 1960 a little history on debates Presidential Debate Moments (4 MIN) Debates have changed how we view candidates over the years.

Here are some questions to think about to frame your own positions and opinions
  • What issue is most important to you and how would you rate each candidate’s position on that issue?
  • As a result of hearing about the candidates’ position on this issue, for whom would you vote and why?
  • Do you think the debate questions, moderators and candidates were fair and made the best use of the time spent?
  • If you could ask a question of the candidates (that wasn’t asked) what would the question be and based  on your knowledge of the candidates, how do you think they might respond?
  • Did the debate make you feel hopeful or fearful about the future of our country?
  • Overall, what did you think about the format of the debate and the questions that were asked?
  • What would you change about the debate structure and process in order to improve it?
  • Who sponsored the debate and did that affect which candidates were included or excluded from participating in the debate? Please explain.
  • Do you think the debate focused more on personality and character than on substantive issues and topics? In what ways is this positive and negative?

Wednesday, September 28th 12-1pm Braun 152 (building #75) Space limited please RSVP
On Wednesday, you could be sitting at the lunch table across from Dr. Dianne Newman, the Gordon M. Binder/Amgen Professor of Biology and Geobiology!
Dianne Newman's research focuses on microbial stress responses, with an emphasis on mechanisms of energy generation and survival when oxygen is scarce. Newman has been working to bring tools commonly used in geochemistry to facilitate environmentally informed studies of pathogens in chronic infections. As a newly named MacArthur fellow she has been awarded a five-year grant for "individuals who show exceptional creativity in their work and the prospect for still more in the future," according to the foundation's press release. Fellows receive $625,000 over the five years and are nominated anonymously by leaders in their respective fields.
“This award provides very meaningful encouragement to keep taking intellectual risks, and to be tenacious in their pursuit. It is a direct tribute to the quality of microbiology and geobiology research at Caltech, which is fueled by our spectacular students, postdocs, and colleagues. I hope the attention that comes with this award will help us sustain our efforts in these areas for years to come."
WMW hosts coffee/lunches with limited spaces available for students & postdocs so that we can hear faculty stories about the paths taken (and not taken) in order to foster a space in which everyone has a chance to ask questions and introduce themselves.  We limit attendance to 10 people. RSVP so we can be sure to accommodate you.  


Thu., Sept. 29, Grad/Postdoc Chat, 12-1PM, CCD Conference Room
This is a discussion facilitated by Dr. Maggie Ateia and open to URM identified graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. This closed and confidential session provides a safe space to address issues of inclusion and equity.  Lunch provided.

WMW Information Session 3-4PM CSS 2nd Floor Common Area
Join us for coffee/tea and more information about Women Mentoring Women. The session most likely won't take the whole hour but feel free to hang out and ask questions of a program participant and fill out your WMW application today!
Mentor Application & Mentee Application

 Coming Soon @ CCD!

Wednesday, October 5:

D & D 1: Social Justice 101
Thursday, October 6:

Grad/Postdoc Women’s Lunch 12-1PM
WMW Information Session 5-6PM
Friday, October 7:
PRISM Grads/Postdocs 12-1PM


Community Announcements


Caltech Space Challenge 2017—Caltech will host the Space Challenge—a five-day international student space mission design competition—from March 26-31, 2017. For the competition, 32 students from a range of backgrounds are invited to Caltech, formed into two teams, and given a mission design problem. The teams attend lectures related to mission planning, are given the necessary development tools, and are challenged to produce a viable mission design. Undergraduate or graduate students of any nationality are eligible to apply. The application window opens September 1 and continues through December 16.

D. E. Shaw Research
Science and Engineering Summit for Undergraduates
Friday, November 4, 2016

D. E. Shaw Research (DESRES) seeks exceptional undergraduates pursuing degrees in the computational sciences to join us at our annual Science and Engineering Summit for Undergraduates.  This event will take place on Friday, November 4, 2016, and will bring students pursuing bachelor’s degrees in science and engineering to our offices in New York for a day of presentations, discussions, networking, and plenty of food and drink!  This is an opportunity to learn about the internship and career opportunities available at D. E. Shaw Research, explore our scientific computing and research projects in detail, and connect with other students from across the country who share your interest in science and technology.
Enjoy the vantage point from our Times Square office and an evening in New York City on us!  We will cover the cost of travel to and from New York as well as hotel accommodations for two nights for all selected attendees.
If you are studying computer science, engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, applied math, materials science, or another scientific field with a focus on computational methods, and are interested in attending this event, please email your resume to with the subject line “DESRES Summit” by Monday, September 26, 2016.  We can only invite a limited number of attendees to the summit, but we welcome submissions from students of all experience levels.
D. E. Shaw Research is a New York–based independent research laboratory that conducts basic scientific research in the field of computational biochemistry under the direct scientific leadership of Dr. David Shaw. Our group is currently focusing primarily on long molecular dynamics simulations involving proteins and other biological macromolecules of potential interest from both a scientific and a pharmaceutical perspective. An integral part of our effort consists of designing and developing custom hardware and software to carry out this research. We are also pursuing drug discovery programs, leveraging the insights enabled by our novel technologies, with an initial focus on drug targets that have proved resistant to traditional drug discovery methods. For more information about the group, please visit



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