NOVEMBER 23, 2016

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This week: The 
Presidential Medal of Freedom for ACUE Advisor Eduardo Padrón, educating single parent students, and teaching resiliency to first-year students. Plus, get caught up on the ACUE Community's new monthly Expert Series. 

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Champion of innovation. Eduardo Padrón, president of Miami Dade College and an ACUE Advisor, received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor. (The ‘Q’ Blog)

Planning resources. Postelection classroom discussion ideas range from a bibliography of readings about Donald Trump to a crowd-sourced collection of resources for talking about race, religion, and diversity. (ProfHacker)

Resilient leadership. An administrator at the University of Virginia left his counseling job to lead UVA’s new initiative to promote student resilience and leadership development, focusing on building coping skills in students before they seek therapy. (The Chronicle of Higher Education–Paywall)

Cabinet chatter. Donald Trump has picked Betsy DeVos as his nominee for education secretary. (Washington Post)

Academic libraries. Responding to the idea that smartphones are the new information hubs, two academic librarians argue why brick-and-mortar libraries are still superior in promoting information literacy, collaboration, and other valuable skills. (Inside Higher Ed)

Learning with autism. With autism diagnoses on the rise, colleges and universities have established programs focused on helping students with special learning needs build social and practical life skills. (The New York Times)

Single parent scholars. As colleges and universities increase efforts to educate nontraditional students, a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania has started a program designed for single parents. (NPR Ed)

Teaching across the aisle. The creator of a popular computer science course talks about what it’s like to co-teach with instructors from different disciplines. (Teach Better)

The ACUE Community Expert Series
Derek Bruff –
Derek Bruff

"I want more students to have an experience where they walk into a college classroom and they’re excited to be there and learn. I know what a key role the instructor plays in that, so if I can help instructors adopt teaching practices that engage their students more deeply in the learning process, I know there will be a big impact there."
Saundra McGuire –
Strategies to Teach Students How to Learn
Saundra McGuire

"There are so many students—especially in STEM disciplines—who don’t feel like they can accomplish the work. But if faculty members tell them 'I believe in your ability to do this. You can learn the material,' then the student can really hook into that confidence and do what is necessary to succeed."
Linda Nilson –
Avoiding Stage Fright on Your First Day of Class
Linda Nilson

“The first day for less experienced instructors can be pretty scary. You don’t know who these students are, you don’t know what they’re going to be like or how they’re going to take to you. You can get rid of a lot of those concerns if you run that first day well.”
Underprepared –
Engaging Underprepared Students 
Desmond Stephens

“When you're giving a readiness test, it's really important that you let students know that it's ungraded so that they will do their best but they won't have that anxiety that you're dropping something on them that they haven't had an opportunity to prepare for." 
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