Oslo to cut NOx from city buses using ASDS™

Amminex together with its UK partner Eminox recently won a tender to do an emissions upgrade of 35 city buses operated by Unibuss, a Norwegian operator providing services in the city centre of Oslo.

To cut toxic NOx and provide cleaner air, local authorities had stipulated in the tender that buses needed to be fully Euro VI compliant and the proposed solution from Amminex and Eminox proved the fastest and most cost efficient way to meet this requirement.

Unibuss will begin retrofitting vehicles in December and expect to finalise installations by April next year. The retrofit will enable buses to conform both with the current Euro VI standard and a sharpened version of this regulation expected in 2018. All 35 buses will be retrofitted with new SCRT® catalyst based emissions systems in which ASDS™ is the key enabler of NOx reduction. This solution is identical to the one that has been installed on 300 buses in Copenhagen, which has already improved the city’s air environment significantly.

ASDS™ technology unlocks the full potential of the SCR catalyst by injecting gaseous ammonia into the exhaust stream. This enables efficient NOx reduction in all driving conditions without compromising fuel efficiency and CO2 footprint. Moreover, it represents a distinct advantage in cold climates such as Oslo and low exhaust temperatures, which is typical for buses operating in stop-and-go city traffic. 
ASDS™ engine bench test: Major NOx reduction impact
and fuel savings in light commercial vehicles

ASDS™ was recently tested on an engine bench at the Graz University of Technology in Austria, to investigate the deNOx and fuel saving potential of the ASDS™ technology on a typical engine in the LCV segment.
The results demonstrate that ASDS™ has an excellent performance on homologation cycles achieving NOx conformity factors down to 0,5. This means that the engine emitted 50% below the current legal NOx emission limits and is fully compliant to Euro VI. This performance boost is partly achieved from the effective dosing of gaseous ammonia and removal of NOx in the low exhaust temperature range from 140-180°C.
Due to the reduced effort in reaching the engine emission compliance, ASDS could also be used to significantly optimize the fuel consumption. Preliminary results are showing in the range of 2% fuel consumption reduction, while still being compliant with the Euro VI emission legislation.
The tests were performed in the framework of the Horizon2020 funded project CARVE.
CARVE: Working towards
super-low emissions

Amminex holds the project named CARVE (Clean Air - Reduce Vehicle Emissions) that is funded by the EU's R&D program Horizon 2020 (Grant no. 684467). The project objective is to show that Amminex’ already commercial ASDS™ technology and components for buses and trucks can be adapted to work in small to medium sized engines in passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and vans. Special focus is on compliance with existing and future legislation, fuel savings, CO2 benefits and NO2 reduction. Tests are done both in engine labs (such as the recent LCV demonstration in Graz) as wells as real driving conditions.
Cleaning the air with ASDS™
Family life with an ASDS™ diesel passenger car

How will the practical everyday life look like for a family with an ASDS™ diesel car? How and where will they change the cartridges containing the gaseous ammonia used to remove NOx? What about the driving range and and how would the vehicle improve the air environment? We recently prepared a two-minute animation video to answer these questions and more.

Take a look for yourself and get a glimpse of what the future of clean diesel driving looks like!
Simple technology swap boosts NOx removal
from 35% to 85% on London city buses

In June, Amminex announced that it has won a major order from the London bus operator Metroline to replace existing AdBlue® emissions technology on 55 vehicles with an Amminex ASDS™ solution. Installations have now begun and the goal is to retrofit five vehicles and finalize the entire project in only a few months from now.

Prior to securing the contract, extensive testing has shown that NOx reduction increases from approximately 35% to 85% simply by swapping AdBlue® systems to ASDS™ with no changes done to the existing catalyst or engine. This is primarily because the gaseous ammonia used in Amminex' enhances NOx reduction performance with no compromises in terms of extra fuel consumption. This makes it a fast, affordable and also CO2 friendly way to instantly improve air quality in cities.
Engineering Director at Metroline, Ian Foster, confirms: “As a large fleet operator we see this system as the next step forward in exhaust emission reduction, and a considerable improvement of current urea based injection systems. When we upgraded from AdBlue® to ASDS™ we got a major decrease in NOx emissions and the system is proving extremely stable in terms of daily operation. Commonly recurring issues with AdBlue®, such as the formation of solid deposits in the exhaust system, has been completely eliminated.”
Two years of endurance testing

Metroline tested the ASDS™technology for two years before it began installing it on a larger fleet of vehicles. In addition to excellent emissions performance, stability in daily operation, less maintenance and good fuel economy were among the key reasons that led to the decision.
Positive feedback from Movia

On the anniversary of the first ASDS™ installations on city buses In Copenhagen, Amminex recently received a very nice letter from project manager in Movia, Joachim Reinhard Danchell. Please find the wording below that we are really proud to share!
"The retrofitting of approximately 300 of Movia’s Euro III/IV/V/EEV buses to achieve Euro VI emissions level and help live up to the goals for Clean Air in Copenhagen has been a very positive experience for Movia.
The tender process led to award of business to Amminex and the subsequent supply and execution of the project has been on time with minimal disturbance of the bus fleet operators and no impact on the many users of public transportation in Copenhagen.

Via the advanced online system and the live NOxTracker app provided by Amminex, Movia is able to see performance in real time and see the accumulated environmental impact in terms of tons of removed NOx. To verify the results, an independent in-use PEMS test was carried out in April 2016 confirming emissions performance in inner city traffic well below Euro VI level. Our goals for the project were ambitious and the outcome has fully lived up to our expectations."

Joachim Reinhard Danchell
Movia, Project manager

Amminex' NOxTracker provides a 'live' overview of where all ASDS™ buses are in the city including real-time info on their current, actual NOx emissions. This screenshot is from the Copenhagen project and the blue dots indicate that buses are effectively removing NOx in spite of having a low exhaust exhaust temperature (typical in cold driving or congested stop-and-go traffic).

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