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We are very excited to announce our 2016 shows!  

Our president and host, Marianne Russo, continues to provide excellence in broadcasting for the special needs community.  Through her hundreds of talk radio interviews, Marianne has given hundreds of thousand of parents and educators what they so desperately need - Empowerment.  Known for her blend of in-depth scientific interviews along with her heartwarming and laid back conversations with celebrity advocates, Marianne brings you cutting edge researchers, world renowned psychiatrists, specialized psychologists, internationally respected children’s foundations, special education law experts and the creative thinkers of our time.  In addition to the scientific and clinical information, what Marianne truly gives parents is hope.

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Dr. Richard Selznick is a psychologist, nationally certified school psychologist, adjunct graduate school professor, assistant professor of pediatrics and school consultant. The author of three books, The Shut-Down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child and the recently published School Struggles: A Guide To Your Shut-Down Learner’s Success, he has presented to parents and educators internationally, as far as Dubai and Abu Dhabi and throughout the United States . A down-to-earth presenter who looks to discuss difficult topics in non-jargon terms, Dr. Selznick tries to present complex issues in down-to earth terms. Among the many topics that he presents, some of the more popular include: “Relationship: The Key Variable in School Struggling,” “Myths & Realities of Dyslexia,” “Understanding the Shut-Down Learner Formula,” “Stages of Reading Development: Signposts That Guide Instruction,” “Why’s Everyone Always Pickin’ On Me: Myths & Realties of Bullying,” “We Keep Telling Him You Have to Get Organized: Executive Function Deficits,” “Secrets of Parenting Success,” and “Regaining Control of the Ship.” He will also be bringing on child neurologists, psychologists, educators and others to discuss why kids struggle and how to help them. Dr. Selznick you may know from his numerous radio and television appearances. We are thrilled to have him joining our team. Dr. Selznick is the Director of the Cooper Learning Center, a Division of the Department of Pediatrics, of Cooper University Hospital. Dr. Selznick has done it again with his newly released book “Dyslexia Screening: Essential Concepts for Schools & Parents”  Dr Selznick brings you the information you need in down to earth terms you can relate to. 

Dr Selznicks showpage


Joel Manzer and Rob Gorski bring a much needed “Dads” perspective to The Coffee Klatch network! Live with Autism is an interactive program hosted by Joel Manzer Lead Editor for Autisable, a blogging community with dedicated to sharing real blogs from people tackling the puzzle of autism. Joel Manzer who describes himself as “just one person among the thousands sharing their stories online” is an Autism Light for his dedication as an autism father and for his vision in leading Autisable to be a helpful resource on the voices of the diverse autism community. Joel Manzer writes this about the mission and origins of Autisable. Rob Gorski is an Autism advocate, writer, hardcore techie, Google android fanatic, creator of the My Autism Help Forums and co-founder of Guardian Locate. However, more importantly, he is a single Dad to 3 amazing boys. All 3 of his boys are on the Autism Spectrum and have other serious health issues. His Autism Dad blog is to educate people and help them better understand what life can be like for families with a special needs children. He shares this story from his perspective as a single parent, in a very honest and transparent way.
Visit Autisable Dads – Life With Autism showpage

mikenotext200HOT MIKE ON THE MIC
Michael Buckholtz  is bringing inspiration and empowerment for children and adults alike with powerful success stories from incredible people on the spectrum. Mike is the founder of Aid for Autistic Children Foundation, Inc.™, diagnosed with high-functioning Asperger’s Syndrome and OCD, he is a songwriter, performer, multi-platinum record producer and owner of B-Street Music Publishing™ for 21 years. Before the music, Michael spent time serving his country in the United States Navy as a noncommissioned Personnel Petty Officer caring for personnel issues including enlisted pay, a top secret government clearance handling military cryptological information and reconnaissance mission coding. Since 2007, Michael dedicated full time to finding a solution to the financial disparity families and individuals coping with autism face. Twenty-five years music industry expertise and multiple levels of production experience. Composer, sound engineer (in-studio and live), songwriter, including network television projects, film scoring or sound track composing and responsible for multiple millions of dollars in record sales/royalty profits. His specialties: Artist development, entertainment business consultation, music publishing, entertainment law, live performance and advanced digital audio technology.
Visit Hot Mike On The Mic showpage

Marla W. Deibler, Psy.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and the Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia, LLC (CEH).
Dr. Deibler is a nationally-recognized expert in anxiety disorders and obsessive compulsive and related disorders, including OCD, trichotillomania, excoriation (skin picking) disorder, and hoarding disorder. Dr. Deibler currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC) as well as the Faculty of TLC’s Professional Training Institute. She also serves as the Vice President of the Board of Directors of OCD-NJ, the New Jersey affiliate of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF). Dr. Deibler is an “OCD Expert” and contributing writer for ( and authors a blog, “Therapy That Works” for PsychCentral. Dr Deibler will be discussing unravelling the pressing issues faced by families with a child or adolescent struggling with mental illness.
Visit Dr. Marla Deibler – Your Child’s Mental Health show page

Dr. G Paul Dempsey is a pediatrician and the medical director ofQuinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in Belleville, Ontario. His other professional experience includes: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and licensed in the Province of Ontario and the State of Maryland, Past President of the Quinte Health Care Professional Staff Association and previously Chief of Pediatrics at Quinte Health Care. Quinte Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine is a community pediatric practice located in Belleville, Ontario that provides medical care to infants, children and adolescents. Lead by pediatrician Dr. Gerald Paul Dempsey, they strive to provide expertise in medicine, timely service and up-to-date resources to our patients and to referring physicians. While they aren’t a primary care facility, they do offer a variety of services that you won’t find anywhere else. Dr Dempsey sees patients that have been referred by physicians for medical consultation, our Special Kids, Special Care services, and Sport Medicine Clinic. As with medical consultation, his Special Kids, Special Care services for children with special needs are by hospital or physician referral only. Some of the conditions for which shared care would be an option include: cerebral palsy, congenital heart diseases, Down Syndrome and other genetic disorders, epilepsy and other problems. In Special Kids, Special Care situations, patients continue ongoing primary care with their family doctor, while he assumes responsibility for monitoring and coordinating care of medical issues which require specialized training, or additional time not available to most family physicians. Ultimately each diagnosis has a different list of needs and as such the treatment options he handles vary on a case by case basis.
Visit – Ask The Pediatrician – Dr Paul Dempsey show page

Dr James Coplan -Making Sense of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Dr. Coplan is a board-certified pediatrician, researcher, author, and the sibling of an individual with developmental disability. Until retiring from clinical practice in December of 2014, Dr. Coplan was one of only a handful of physicians holding sub-specialty certification in both Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics (D-BP) and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (NDD).

Dr. Coplan’s areas of expertise include:
Autism Spectrum Disorders (autism, Asperger Syndrome, PDD-NOS, NLD, etc.)
Behavior Management and psychopharmacology in children with disabilities
Brain injury in children
Cerebral Palsy
Child Development / Developmental Delay / Developmental disabilities
Delayed Speech / Speech and Language Disorders
Family function and dysfunction as it relates to children with disabilities
Hearing Loss in children
Intellectual Disability (previously, “Mental Retardation”)
Mental illness in children with developmental disability (“dual diagnosis”)
Normal child development
Neurological disorders in children
Seizure disorders in children with disabilities
Special education for children with developmental disabilities
Tics, Tourette Syndrome
Dr. Coplan’s audiences and clients include:
Attorneys / Other legal professionals / Life Care Planners
Educators / School Administrators
Healthcare Professionals (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, PA’s)
Parents / Grandparents
Psychologists / Therapists / Other care providers
Regional and national organizations focused on children


Diane Porter is the Chief Executive Officer of Missing Piece Awareness. Missing Piece Awareness is a Consulting Firm focusing exclusively on training businesses in autism awareness and acceptance. They provide the opportunity for a business of any size to receive a certificate in autism awareness through hands-on customized training and ongoing support. 

Being fearful of patronizing establishments or businesses due to negative experiences, mistreatment or judgement, individuals with autism and their families can gain the opportunity to enjoy a businesses’ products and services to become fully participating members of the community. Their approach ensures that businesses will be successful servicing families and individuals with autism. We open doors so businesses and families can develop, strengthen and enjoy long lasting partnerships.  It is creating this incredible relationship between businesses and families that Diane will spotlight on her show by bringing on parents, business owners, emergency responders, educators and adults on the spectrum to discuss the challenges and solutions for their communities. 
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