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We Teslaficionado's decade of waiting is over! The penultimate moment of Elon's master plan was revealed on Thursday March 31st 2016 to our membership who were part of the 650 press and Tesla loyalists (of 18,000 raffle entrants) at Tesla's Model ≡ Launch Party. The event began with valet parking in a parking lot full of Model S' (always tricky to find a V who can figure out a Roadster) and then a shuttle over to Check-in which included a badge with your test ride group number. We relaxed under the umbrella of the Hawthorne Supercharger solar array patio, which was decked out with a lengthwise long desk with multiple computers for ordering your Model ≡.
There were yummy appetizers aplenty, lounge furniture, heat lamps and social alcoves in which to relax and chat with other owners from around the world. All the" Tesla fan "celebrities" were there. Electric Jen, Bjorn, Bonnie, and the press too: Dan Neil (WSJ), Kim Reynolds from Motor Trend and Tesla bloggers like Gene from Teslarati too. You could hear friendly conversions everywhere with the oft repeated phrases like “...what will it be like?”, “...when will they deliver?” “...what number in line were you in today?”  They loosened us up with a hosted bar and bottomless cheese stations as a DJ kept the music going all night.
After a couple of hours, we moved into the Design Center to find a stage to the left with a white Model S and X's waiting in silent repose. Inside we found the Tesla elite.. JB, Franz, Diarmuid, Jerome, and Collette (who was our club contact for years). The stage show started with Franz with some short words and an introduction to Elon's presentation.
After a couple of hours, we moved into the Design Center to find a stage to the left with a white Model S and X's waiting in silent repose. Inside we found the Tesla elite.. JB, Franz, Diarmuid, Jerome, and Collette (who was our club contact for years). The stage show started with Franz with some short words and an introduction to Elon's presentation.
Check out the online video for the whole thing. You can see Elon was in rare form - the best we have seen him and working without a prompter!
After his unprecedented speech from a CEO about global warming (!) and a description of the ≡, Elon casually asked us cheering fans, "Do you wanna see the car?" And we went crazy! 650 prairie dog cell phones shot up as a video wall teased us for an eternity until slowly three gorgeous cars smaller than Model S Teslas drove out onstage. (red for me please!) These were stunners! We could not wait for our rides!!
Still exhausted from finally stepping out of a 10th century long Tesla roller coaster ride, we were escorted to the back of the Design Center to mingle and wait for our demo group. Although, don’t blink, the total test ride was maybe 4 exhilarating (of course!) minutes. They clearly had a chicane set up for demonstrating body roll (or lack of it) as they had done at the Model S debut, but our driver said they had to shorten the drives so we missed what the press riders got earlier. As it was, the rides went beyond one in the morning. Even JB was doing some driving! Both the charcoal ≡ and the silver D's have dual wheel drive so acceleration was way faster the the promised sub 6 seconds, It felt more like in the 4's with five cozy humans (like any other car it's size). Though the ≡ has more headroom because of the amazing glass roof that is designed front to back like two windshields bookending a giant sunroof. 
The lack of a dash and a low nose meant those in the front seat can see way down to the street, so it felt like an amusement park ride where you can see everything in front of you.  Maybe Tesla should include a Disney style "hanging on bar" for ≡s equipped with Maximum Plaid!  An engineer told us that they had designed special air blades into the dash so without an instrument cluster or buttons what else do you need beside an airbag? A widescreen heads-up display would make a lot of sense here. On the outside, many were upset there was not a Model S style hatchback and the nose was loved or questioned though all were glad to see Tesla had finally dropped the fake grill holdout from the cooling ICE days. (Ironic acronym!)  Everyone to a person was thrilled to see what 10 years have produced. And it was sooo worth the wait!!
Photo above courtesy of
Formula E – Robert Rosenbloom
Fast on the heels of the Tesla Model 3 hyper-exclusive reveal and morning reservation rush, club members enjoyed a Saturday at the Long Beach ePrix. Following last year’s skillfully choreographed Rush-X event, this year’s flash event was more intimate yet very luxurious. The club’s dedication to this première electric vehicle event netted us an upgrade to the highly coveted pit-row box plus paddock passes where you can swarm the teams and cars during pre-race adjustments.
With our upgrade came convenient terrace parking where we started our day swarming over Jason Fudenberg’s days old dark blue Model X. From there the group moved track side where we managed to get display space for a gleaming red Signature Model X right at the foot of the stairs leading to our pit row seats. Throughout the day the ePrix staff, officials and race sponsors in the box seats enjoyed our guerilla Model X show and tell. Shout out to Bridget and Rob Jones for lending their red gem (embargoed for 36-hours within the confines the event). At an event sponsored by BMW (with an “EV offering” the majority of which are sold with a gas tank including the i3 and the 7.1kW i8) and Faraday Future (with as yet no functional EV) I enjoyed the club’s coup showing off a super hot TESLA!
The day was filled with whizzing electric motors and lots of action below our seats with pre-race adjustments, cars launching in and out of practice sessions and during the race, drivers jumping from first to second car to complete their laps.  I was so close I had to be careful not to drool on those million dollar cars.
The nearby E-village was filled with an eclectic assortment of electric vehicles from an all-electric monster truck and conversion Volkswagen classics to a foam covered 3-wheeled “personal vehicle”.
The food, beer and wine flowed as we chit chatted, chewed over the Model 3 and raffled off swag. Winners were picked by Tesla’s VP of programs Rich Heley who stopped by unexpectedly. I can always depend on there being really cool swag at club events, thanks to our sponsors and Tesla! We all had a blast and at the end of the day I was a bit worn out and delighted to sit in my comfortable Tesla for the ride home.
Photos courtesy of
Wine & Wheels – Carl Morrison
Photos from a "Wine and Wheels" Lunch and Wine Country Drive in Temecula Wine Country, California, Saturday, May 14, 2016.   Organized by the Tesla clubs of both Los Angeles and San Diego. 

Both clubs offered opportunities to caravan from their respective cities or meet at 11 a.m. at the Mount Palomar Winery.  Parking was reserved for the Teslas and a group photo was taken, followed by individual photos of owners and guests by their vehicle. 

The attendees moved from the gathering in the parking lot to a delicious lunch in the Pavilion Bistro.  A varied menu was offered and local wine was enjoyed by those who had included it in their reservation.  Tables included six or more attendees which encouraged networking among Tesla owners and guests.  

After lunch, Renee Swenson handed out a map of a very pictueresque 15 mile drive through wine country that ended at Mira Monte Winery in Temecula, for wine tasting and energizing conversation.  Some attendees were interested in the brand new Tesla Charging Station in Temecula, located at the Promenade Mall, 3rd floor.

All told, it was a great turnout with 54 attendees and 30 Teslas, including 4Roadsters and three Model Xs! 
Tips & Inside Information
GOTTA LOVE IT! While you’re recharging either the Model S or Model X, you can now press the button on the charge handle 10 times in quick succession and this happens.  (It may only happen with newer vehicles.)

Tesla Club LA Calendar
Sunday, June 12     
4th Annual Tesla Ladies' Tea

Thursday, July 21
Flash Event - Guys Event
Thursday Night Thunder Lightning Drag Race

Saturday, August 13   
3rd Annual Tesla Scavenger Hunt
One of our members is selling Signature Roadster #5! in Fusion Red and it is in pristine condition with 68,000 miles!  It has a plaque signed by everyone at Tesla!  Asking price is $57,000 with a special donation to the Club!  If you would like more information please contact Debbie Jackson at .
Meet Greg Rose, Tesla Fan For Life!
An Interview With Greg Rose,  Early Tesla Adopter
When did you get your Roadster?  In about 2006 there was a 1" article in the San Diego Union Tribune about the Santa Monica store opening and I decided to drive up to visit the Tesla store. They had a roadster or two on display, plus one for test drives.  I got taken for a ride and thought it was worth exploring. So my wife and I went back up and did a test drive and put down a deposit the next day, before they had started shipping many.  There were maybe a total of 10 cars out there.  Tesla had already taken reservations for all the 1.5’s, so we ordered a 2.0 and took delivery on June 13, 2008 of Roadster #537.
And your Model S?  So we had the roadster, loved it, and heard about the Model S announcement party.  We got invited, but we were going to be gone.  So I called Jeremy Snyder, currently Sales Manager for east coast, and he let me order it before the party. We got our car, Signature #29, on September 17, 2012.  
How many miles do you have on each car?  35,000 on the MS and 38,000 on the roadster. 
Which is your daily driver?  My wife mostly drives the roadster, and I drive the S.  But we fight over the roadster, it’s more fun!
Tell us about your custom color, the unicorn.  We like colors, and signature red was too dark for us.  And with a green roadster we didn’t want a dark red car, that would be too Christmas-y.  I called Jeremy and asked for a custom color, and he said no.  I asked about 5 times, the last time as we configured.  We chose red, planning to get it wrapped.  Then Jeremy called and said he could do it for $12k extra for a custom color, but we had to give him the Dupont color code in 24 hours!  It’s not easy to find Dupont color codes, but we eventually found a photo of a ’67 Mustang someone was redoing which mentioned the Dupont code.  I gave that number to Jeremy, though it turned out the computer had turned the color more blue than the pink it actually was.  But we love it!
Do people still approach you because of the custom color?  Oh yeah, I see flashes from people taking pictures of the car and get thumbs up all the time. 
You are one of the first to get a new battery for the roadster, did that go smoothly?  It went slowly.  The service centers don’t know much about Roadsters any more. 
Did you have it done at your local service center?  Yes, they took it in on Monday morning and we didn’t get it back until Wednesday the following week. 
Do you notice a difference in power?  Subjectively it maybe has a little more get up and go, but not according to my meter. 
How long did it take for them to contact you after you ordered the new battery pack?  We requested the battery Sept. 2015, and it took 6 months to hear back.  The difference between 235 miles, which we were getting before, and 343 miles, is a big deal.  Of course, we still can’t supercharge. 
What usually on the big screen in your Model S?  Navigation on the top and Tesla stock price on the bottom. 
What was your previous car?  A Mercedes AMG that had as many problems as early Teslas.
What will your next car be?  We lined up for 5 hours and ordered two Model 3’s, one for each country (note: he’s Australian).  But I can’t imagine selling either of these.
What do you do for a living:  I’m a cryptographer, a code maker and a code breaker.  I worked for Qualcomm for 17 ½ years, but now consult to a number of different companies and may do a start-up soon.  I’ve consulted for Apple for 2 and they used me on the legal end of the San Bernardino iPhone situation.  
Anything else?  I’m a pilot in my spare time, I fly a Cessna to Catalina, or up to Big Bear, or any number of places.  I also volunteer for Angel’s Flight, which flies cancer patients, blood deliveries, etc., to and from towns to treatment centers. 
Welcome New Members
Mid-March through Mid-May 2016
Trevor Benbrook Robert Bingham
Brent Dill Terry Eakin
Walt Fellow Sofiann Fraval
Peter Gruber Harry Hastain
Todd Helfstein David Hofmann
Timothy & Karinna Karsten Terrance Kim
Rik Kinney Sylvia Lemberski
Mike Li Mark Lonier
Bruce Maxwell Jonathan McGee
Ron Merkord Brandon Mizrahie
Harry Morris Kevin Rosenblott
Aleem Salaam Sanjay
Steve Schall Jason Shelton
Dean Soleimani Steve Souza
Joie Tagum Bob Unger
Bo Wang
Delivery Info
Q1 deliveries consisted of 12,420 Model S vehicles and 2,400 Model X vehicles. Q1 deliveries were almost 50% more than Q1 last year and Tesla remains on track to deliver 80,000 to 90,000 new vehicles in 2016.

Panasonic Doubles Investment in Gigafactory 
The Latest 
Will there be a 4th Tesla model coming to the streets some day soon?  Elon tweeted and then deleted something about a Model Y.  Might it be a smaller SUV built on the Model 3 platform?  He hints it may have falcon wing doors. (One of the two will have falcon wings, responding to question.)  Here's a shot of the since-deleted tweet.
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