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Introducing the Impact Pack—a new way to help you map out your media engagement strategy

Producing a high-impact media project can be a befuddling prospect. What starts as a germ of an idea—“Let's fund a film about X to solve Y!”—quickly snowballs into a social media campaign to reach Z, an app to accomplish A and B, and so on. And then there are all those outcomes to track for each platform. How are funders and grantees supposed to keep this all in their heads?

To dig into these challenges, our director of research and strategy, Jessica Clark, has been working as a senior fellow at the Media Impact Project, located at USC Annenberg's Norman Lear Center. During her fellowship, she developed a pair of new tools: a deck of cards to help you map out and assess different strategies, and an associated symbol font. Watch this video for an overview of the game. 

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MIP Media Engagement Strategy Deck
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