It's the most consequential time of the year. 
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Happy holidays from Media Impact Funders

While many of us are winding down to prepare for festivities at home, philanthropy is gearing up for a very busy, important 2017. Here at MIF, we're laser-focused on the urgency of supporting media, journalism and documentary film to strengthen our democracy and improve our society. And in the wake of this last presidential election, more funders are recognizing that all of these forms of expression need to be supported by philanthropy.

Read more below about how, as we head into the last week of 2016, funders and donors alike are stepping up support of nonprofit news organizations. We've also curated a selection of other relevant news from the field.

As you all know, MIF is a membership organization serving the media funding community. We are grateful for the support we've received throughout the years to help funders stay connected and facilitate more strategic investments. Please consider becoming a Media Impact Funders member today to help us continue supporting media that matters.
Here's some of what's in our Twitterverse:

Now through Jan. 19, 2017, the Knight Foundation will match donations from individual donors to a group of 57 nonprofit news organizations, up to a total of $1.5 million. Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that donations to nonprofit outlets are way up since the election. "Independent accountability journalism is gaining new support among many Americans mulling the election’s outcome and the country’s political divide," the article reads. Other notable end-of-year donations include $1 million to Poynter from the Craig Newmark Foundation; Knight Foundation funding to INN, LION and IRE; and a boost from the MacArthur Foundation to the International Documentary Association (IDA).
#MessyTruth—A special program hosted by CNN commentator Van Jones, The Messy Truth follows Van—an ardent progressive and former Obama administration adviser—on his travels to meet with Americans who put Donald Trump in office. 

#CEP2017—Discuss the impact of philanthropy in a new political era at the annual conference of the Center for Effective Philanthropy. Early bird registration ends Jan. 20. Register here.

#YTHLive—The youth health + tech conference is coming to San Francisco from May 7-9, 2017. Each year, experts in youth advocacy, health, and technology gather at YTH Live to showcase what works, share ideas and learnings, and launch new collaborations.

MIF welcomes 2 new members to its board of directors

We're pleased to announce the addition of Sandy Herz of the Skoll Foundation and Christie George of New Media Ventures to our 12-member Board of Directors. Sandy is the director of Global Partnerships at Skoll, where she has cultivated strategic relationships with Sundance, BritDoc, BBC, and many others. And as the director of New Media Ventures, Christie works to foster an independent and diverse media sector. She has overseen the investment of over $4.5 million into a portfolio of non-profits and for profits, including NationalField, Sum of Us, and Upworthy.
  • Speaking of board members, MIF's Molly de Aguiar wrote an insightful piece for Nieman Lab about the need for funders to galvanize around news post-election. "For years, funders have averted their eyes from the alarming loss of journalism jobs and coverage of local and state issues. This presidential election made it virtually impossible for them to ignore it any longer," she writes.
  • MIF Executive Director Vince Stehle wrote a piece for the Chronicle of Philanthropy earlier this month about how philanthropy can bridge the gap between trumped-up fears and real threats. He writes: "Nonprofits and foundations should ask themselves: Are we helping to determine where the greatest risks to society lie? Perhaps even more important, are we conveying those risks as clearly and convincingly as we can, knowing that other fears gripping the nation are lesser threats to our existence?"
  • Last week, with the help of the Environmental Grantmakers Association, the Wallace Global Fund and the Bertha Foundation, Media Impact Funders convened a special conversation to discuss the media's role in the DAPL protests at Standing Rock. We heard from the inimitable Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!, who offered a sweeping overview of the situation there and a riveting account of her own role in telling it. If you would like to learn more about this special call, please contact us at
  • Assess. Improve. Repeat. The Einhorn Family Charitable Trust offers 6 takeaways from its partnership with the Solutions Journalism Network.
  • New York City's tech community is getting a $250 million home base at Union Square, and Civic Hall—the site of our 2016 #MIForum—will anchor the space. The hub, dubbed 14th @ Irving, is set to open its doors in 2020.
  • 15 documentary films have been nominated for Academy Awards, including Ava DuVernay’s 13th, which centers on race in the criminal justice system in America, and The Ivory Game, a Leonardo DiCaprio-backed film that explores poaching of elephants. See the complete list.
  • The Atlantic Philanthropies, a limited-life foundation, makes its biggest—and final—grant: more than $600 million to six Atlantic Fellows programs. Read more from President and CEO Christopher G. Oechsli.
  • Funded by Unbound Philanthropy, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Ford Foundation, The JPB Foundation, and the General Service Foundation, the Pop Culture Collaborative is a new philanthropic resource aimed at expanding the landscape of narratives and portrayals of people affected by harmful narratives in our culture.

Save the date for our annual Media Impact Forum

June 14, 2017 | Washington, D.C. 
Join us for our annual gathering of funders from across the country, world-changing media makers and analysts to share insights about the field’s most influential projects and trends. Register today to save your spot! Note: This is a funders-only event.

5 stories to read right now about fake news/propaganda/the end of the world

1. In an effort to fight back against fake news, Facebook is testing a bunch of strategies. Here's how the social media platform's fact-checking partnership will work.
2. Two new polls try to see how Americans are dealing with fake news (Answer: Not very well!)
3. Discussing the impact and reach of fake news is important, but don't let real news off the hook.
4. These seven steps outline a new path for journalists to follow if they care about serving the public.
5. And, just in time for the holidays: What if fact-checkers picked out the fake news in your personal life?

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